Wishing there were cooler people at your office party? Greg 'The Slim Jim Genie' knows the best party crashers!

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December 05, 2016


I'm really sad to see,
uh, Randall go.
Yeah. He'd always watch my
three small dogs when I was out of town.
He's not dead.
He's just retiring.
Man, I wish I had more
exciting co-workers.
- [explosion, indistinct shouting]
- Oh!
[Greg is breathing heavily]
I'm Greg,
um, the Genie.
I'm here to grant
your Slim Jim wish.
Pete, I thought they said no
friends at the company party.
I could've brought my wife.
I could've brought my three small dogs.
- [indistinct talking]
- This is dreary.
[co-worker] ...I could've brought
Athena goddess of war.
I could've brought
Queen Anastasia, queen of all she...
[Greg] Well, let's
get to that wish, huh.
- Yeah.
- [shouting, explosion]
- Ladies.
- [Greg] Pretty cool right?
Who are all these people?
They're friend co-workers.
I mean, they're my co-workers,
but I think they're fun.
- This is drab.
- [shouting]
- Mmhmm.
- [multiple shouting voices, explosion]
- So isn't this great?
- Yeah, I mean,
I guess they're making
the party better.
Of course they are.
Bernice is pooping in margaritas.
Everybody's cool.
Everybody except
for Derrick, my older brother.
He's always making fun
of the way I grant wishes.
- [mimicking]
- [laughter]
- Come dance with us. [giggles]
- Let's dance.
- OK.
Go for it.
Remember to stretch
those hammies.
Protect your hammies
and your sammies.

- [shouting]
- Snap into a Slim Jim!
- Gregory.
- [Greg] Brother Derrick.
You still, uh, telling everybody that you
granted a wish for world peace?
[Derrick] You still wearing tap shoes
instead of developing a personality?
They're prescription!
- ♪
- They're prescription. Prescription!
[toe tapping]
[grunting, toe tapping]