The real reason Donald Trump was paying money to the Draper Sterling company.


Jon Hamm: [Draper]: There's the rare
occasion when the public can
Jon Hamm: be engaged on a level beyond flash,
Jon Hamm: if they have a sentimental
bond with the product.
Jon Hamm: Nostalgia.
Jon Hamm: It's delicate,
Jon Hamm: but potent.
Jon Hamm: Sweetheart.
♪ ♪
Jon Hamm: In Greek, nostalgia literally means
Jon Hamm: the pain from an old wound.
Donald Trump: When do we beat Mexico at the border?
They're laughing at us.
Jon Hamm: It's a twinge in your heart far
more powerful than memory alone.
Donald Trump: I could stand in the
middle of 5th Avenue,
Donald Trump: and shoot somebody,
and I wouldn't lose any voters, okay?
Jon Hamm: This device...
Jon Hamm: it's a time machine.
Donald Trump: The American dream is dead.
Jon Hamm: It goes backwards, forwards...
Donald Trump: But if I get elected President,
I will bring it back.
Jon Hamm: Takes us to a place
where we ache to go again.
Donald Trump: We will make America great again.
Donald Trump: Thank you. Thank you very much.
♪ ♪
[projector stops]
Good luck at your next meeting.