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Katrina played by Stevie Ryan
Edited by Adam Scott Franklin

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#Today on Maurly
My name is Katrina, I'm 15 years old and I don't give a fuck
My mom canĀ  kiss my ass because I am going to have a baby no matter what
I threw my grandma out the window because she's ugly
I'm proud to say that I've already had gonorrhea and syphilis five times!
I've been smoking cigars since I was three years old
One time I stole semen from a sperm bank so I could get pregnant with it
I had sex with a hotdog and a banana
Hell yeah I'd let R Kelly pee on me
My teachers all gave me 'F's in school because they want to fuck me
I've had sex with over 800 people because I look like Angelina Jolie
I knocked the shit out of my mom
That's because she's a dumbass stupid fucking bitch
I even ate a piece of poop one time
I dropped out of school so I could be on bang bus
One time in class I stole a syringe from the diabetic girl
and stabbed her with it