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Episode 14: Zach Galifianakis sits down with Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway,... more »
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Additional Credits:
Starring Jennifer Lawrence, Naomi Watts, Christoph Waltz, Anne Hathaway & Amy Adams
Also Featuring Misty Monroe
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Published February 12, 2013

Welcome to another edition of Between Two
I'm your host Zach Galifianakis.
This is a Oscar Edition of Between Two
A special Oscar inside to Oscar nominees
and all of their Oscar Buzness around
My first guest is Jennifer Lawrence.
Jennifer thank you.

> Thank you.

> I got a beef to pick with your co star
Bradley Cooper because
he had told me that in real life that you
I wrote it down I wanna make sure I get it

> Wow.

> And I gotta be honest because I don't
know what
he was talking about, unless he was just
joking with me.
You're really good looking.
So, you, you played in a movie called the
Hunger Games.

> Yeah, isn't that your life story.

> You shouldn't say that.
That's offputting.

> You should be offputting.
You're fat.
You shouldn't eat any more pudding.

> Yeah, yeah.
And when you take on a project like
Silver Linings Playbook what draws you
into that character?
What, what, what, what spoke to you?

> Well I think Tiffany taught, I love
that she taught me a lot about, about.
Is this, are you playing me out right now.
Are you serious playing me off?
Oh my god.
Oh my god.

> You asked for tradition.
Good luck.

> Hi Zach.

> Oh hi.

> Nice to meet you.

> This is, nice to meet you.
This is Naomi Watts.
You're from Australia.
I hear that the I read that the toilets
work backwards, in.
Do you know about that.
Have you read about that.
Well I guess for you it's backwards here,
but backwards for us in Australia.

> Yeah, apparently.

> Does that mean that the feces goes back
into your, into your rectum.
How does that work.
No, it's not, it's not.
Yeah, no, it doesn't do that.

> When you, when you're like, in a movie
do they.
Do they, do they shrink you down, so you
can fit into the camera?
Like, how does that work?

> yeah, no.
I've been shrunk too many times.
I have to stop working for a while.

> Are there side effects, or?

> Just diarrhea.

> Okay.

> Thank you.

> Mister Waltz.
Thanks for joining us.

> Thank you for inviting me.

> Christ off Waltz is here from Django
I got your text about not bringing up your
Mein Kampf tattoo, so I won't.
Have you ever thought about changing your
name to Christ off Breakdance?

> I have, but it doesn't really make

> What is your preparation to get ready
for a part?
That's none of your business to tell you
the truth because I think it's [CROSSTALK]

> It's part of my business to.

> I don't need to.

> Don't sit there and run your mouth
mocking me.

> Fill you in on English, French, German
Have you noticed.

> Come on my show and tell me that's none
of my business.
That's all of my business.

> Wouldn't dare to, to tell you how they
do their magic tricks.

> Do you say the N word more in Jingo
Unchained or more in real life.

> More in real life.

> Well, I think that's it.

> Oh.

> There you go.
Miss [INAUDIBLE] will take you.

> Where've you been.
Thank you.

> Please.

> Hi.

> Hey, mm, mm, I missed you.


> Mm, where do I sit?

> You can sit on this other chair, you
can sit on the other.

> Mm, nya, nya.

> Well.

> You're funny.

> Yeah.

> You're really funny.

> Right.

> I like you.

> Thanks Anne.

> [LAUGH] Sorry.

> Thanks.
Thanks Anne.

> I'm.

> So, how much did you have to drink?

> No I didn't.
You don't know that, you can't prove it.

> To be honest with you, I smelled it on
you when you.

> No, no, that's my perfume, it's, it's,
it's, it's, it's not that at all.

> Is your perfume Kettle 1?

> Sucks to be you right now, what goes
around, comes back around, hey my baby.
Oh ow ow ow.
What the, what the what?
My bag's busted.

> Thanks Anne.

> You're busted.

> Hi.

> Hello.

> How are you doing.

> Good, thanks.

> The famous Amy Adams is here everybody.

> Hi.

> You have red hair and.

> Yes I do.
I do.
Guess what they used to call me in high

> Cinnamon muff.

> No.
They didn't call me cinnamon muff.

> What did they call you, fire crotch?

> No.
Strawberry shortcake, a small child's

> You know I, I find you to be a
wonderful actress.

> Thank you.

> Can I give you an acting challenge?

> Okay.

> I'm gonna show you a line and then I'm
hoping that you
could do it with much, as much weight and
gravity to it as possible.

> Okay.

> It's a pretty serious line.
I'll say action.

> Don't you ever fart on my tits again.