James Bond is summoned to MI6 headquarters for an HR-mandated disability sensitivity training.

Full Credits

Actor: Jane Seymour
Creative: Bryan Madole
Producer: Sean Dacany
Producer: Ben Sheehan
Editor: Hannah Levy
DP: Matt Sweeney
GFX: Shawn James
VFX: Kegan Swyers

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November 04, 2015


Voiceover: This organization,
do you know what it's called?
It's name is Spectre.
It's a sensitivity
training program.
Jane Seymour: James, you have a problem.
Jane Seymour: You have a creepy prejudice
against people with disabilities.
Daniel Craig: You noticed.
Jane Seymour: It would be hard not to.
You're literally always killing them.
Jane Seymour: (Voiceover) Dr. No, amputee
with no hands.
Jane Seymour: Largo, missing an eye.
Jane Seymour: Blofeld, disabled (inaudible).
Jane Seymour: Tee Hee Johnson, amputee
with a claw hand.
Jane Seymour: Scaramanga, a third nipple.
And the list keeps going.
Jane Seymour: It's insane.
Jane Seymour: (Voiceover) Stromberg, web hands.
Jane Seymour: Jaws, growth defect, and
metal teeth.
Jane Seymour: Trevelyan, (inaudible)
facial scarring.
Jane Seymour: One time you literally
skewered a man's wheelchair
Jane Seymour: with a helicopter rail, and
dropped him 20 stories
Jane Seymour: into an incinerator.
Jane Seymour: I get that some of this happened
back in the 70s when people
Jane Seymour: weren't as sensitive to
this stuff, but some of
Jane Seymour: this is inexcusably recent.
Jane Seymour: (Voiceover) Le Chiffre, bleeding eye condition.
Jane Seymour: Raoul Silva, missing jaw, and
facial disfiguring.
Jane Seymour: The whole disabled person as
a super villain thing
Jane Seymour: is cliche, and offensive.
Jane Seymour: I never seen anyone
cling to outrageous stereotypes stubbornly.
Daniel Craig: Quite so stylishly.
Jane Seymour: Don't start with the flirting.
Jane Seymour: This isn't funny.
Jane Seymour: You'll be giving a
series of targets.
Jane Seymour: Try not to shoot anyone
with a disability
Jane Seymour: This should be
incredibly easy.
(gun shots)
Jane Seymour: Oh, this is worse
than I thought.
(Funny or Die ending jingle)