In the dramatic season finale of Lady Time, the gals head to the Salad Convention... more »

Full Credits

Starring: Ally Hord, Allyn Rachel, Juliet Seniff, Betsy Sodaro, Marissa Strickland
Featuring: Alex Cuthbertson, Bill Oberst Jr.
Writer: Juliet Seniff & Rachel Goldenberg
Director: Rachel Goldenberg
Producer: Becca Scheuer & Rachel Goldenberg
Editors: John Ford
Post Sound: Justin Njim
Graphics: Caleb Swyers
Coordinator: Sean Boring
DP: Berenice Eveno
B Cam Op: Sevdije Kastrati
1st AC: Nathan Kelley
Gaffer: Avihai Yaffe
Key Grip: Tony Jou
Production Design: Tricia Robertson
Sound: Ben Forman
Boom Op: Derek Osedach
Makeup: Carleigh Herbert
Makeup Asst: Adrienne Booth
PA: Ross Buran
Intern: Katie Barreira
Special Thanks: Bryan Safi, Ryan Perez, Jack Allison, Darryl Gudmundson


[laughter is heard]
I just got back
from Warsaw.
The vintage shopping
was amazing.
I like pilates, because
it's lying down.
My cousin Heather has
a yeast infection.
Hey, I'm right here.
[music playing]
I'm loving this champagne.
The champagne with
tampons in it.
Megan, that's just where
I keep my tampons.
That's not for drinking.
So, how did you hear about
this salad convention?
Oh, my ex-boyfriend was
really into salad,
and now I go
every year.
He also had
cauliflower ear.
It is so cool that you
stole this limo Heather.
Too bad it didn't come
with a driver, right.
There's no driver?
Then who's driving
the limo?
[shocked music plays]
[tires are screeching]
[sound of a crash]
I think we're going
to be late.
Oh, I'm so mad
I could shit.
I mean, what are we
supposed to do?
I think we wait for another
limo to come by.
Which Baby-Sitters Club
girl would you be?
Oh my God, I'm
totally Mallory.
Mallory's the worse.
A Ford Fusion's here
to save us.
The only hybrid
in it's class.
Absolutely not. My ex-boyfriend
drove a Ford Fusion,
and he was a
fucking psychopath.
Yeah, remember
how he wore Vans?
Multiple Voices: Eww.
Hey, you ladies
need a hand?
I'm just on my way to
the salad convention.
No thank you.
Oh. Okay, well.
Have a blessed day now.
Ooh, an unmarked van.
We're saved.
[they are cheering]
Hey pretty young things.
You need a lift?
Yeah. We're going to the
salad convention in Palm Springs.
Are you headed
that way?
I'm going to the
salad convention.
[interposing voices]
I can't wait to see what
your skin feels like.
Oh my skin? Oh, I use
Tokyo Milk Lotion.
I get it in one of those
[berth truck?] samples
that comes every month.
You can get it at Macy's.
[inaudible]...Bath and Body Works.
I'm old enough to know...
[music is playing]
What's wrong with Bath
and Body Works?
There's nothing
wrong with it...