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Mike O'Gorman - Actor
Ryan Stanger - Actor
Ben Wietmarschen - Director / Writer
Avi Kaye - Editor
Michael Burke - Producer
Ryan Bender - DP
Matt Kruger - Cam Op
Ryan Bertolami - Sound Mixer
Jordy Scheinberg - Wardrobe
Jessica Leigh Schwartz - HMU
Post Producer - Alex Parks
Graphics - Shawn James
Special Thanks to Brian Toombs


(dramatic orchestral music)
- Does he even like basketball?
He doesn't seem like the type that likes fun sports.
President Trump!
- Thanks for having me, I appreciate it.
(dramatic orchestral music)
- President Trump, thank you so much for joining us
and the rest of America
in filling out your NCAA tournament bracket
in what we're calling the bracket Donald Trump-ology.
- Yeah, it really has a nice ring to it, I find.
I feel like it really slides off the tongue and lips.
- You know, just 'cause we called it Baracketology
when we had President Obama do it
doesn't mean you have to try to fit--
- It really slides off the tongue and lips,
like a (bleep).
- Okay, well let's get into your bracket here.
You've actually Xed out all the number one seeds,
Villanova, Gonzaga, Kansas, North Carolina, all of 'em,
and you've replaced it with Trump,
which is not exactly helpful
because you're not in the tournament.
- Listen, host, if I were in the NCAA tournament,
and I'm not, but I still might be.
I actually haven't decided yet, but if I were,
I'd be a one seed and I'd probably win the whole thing.
- You're saying if you were in the tournament,
you'd be the favorite?
- Favorite and the underdog, first time ever.
- Okay.
- You know, I'm actually not a huge basketball fan.
I find it to be too ethnic.
But I love the NCAA, how they do business,
it's really a fantastic model, I'll tell ya.
Young black men working for free, that is winning.
- Okay.
You also have Hillary equals stinks off to the side.
- Don't you think that's good?
I thought that was good, I don't know.
But I filled this out while I was sitting on the toilet,
or what I like to call security briefings,
because when security briefings happen,
I go sit in the bathroom.
- Jesus Christ.
Okay, but don't you thinK that
with some of the stronger lower seeds,
like Wichita State or Middle Tennessee State,
that someone might upset Trump?
- Well, look, plenty of things upset Trump, okay?
The media upset Trump.
Barack Obama upset Trump.
Brown people, poor people, women, less-wealthy Jews,
Mexicans, Muslims, Cruslims, that's crust-pump Muslims,
my job, my family,
when my tie Scotch tape don't stick no more,
my seven infected toes, fake news, lies, truths,
true lies, fake truths, Arnold Schwarzenegger,
and undercooked steak all upset Trump.
- Okay, what about individual players?
As the great Dick Vitale would say,
do you see any diaper dandies or PTPers in this field?
- Well, all I can say
is that Steve Bannon is my diaper dandy.
I mean, have you ever seen him in his diaper?
It's a real sight to behold, it's fantastic.
Steve always has a full diapee.
And if you ask me, that's just dandy.
- All right, that's enough.
Thank you so much, Mr. President, for joining us.
We'll be sure to let you know how your bracket does
once the tournament starts.
- I guess we're done?
I'm gonna get some chili.
(dramatic orchestral music)