A PIE-triotic tribute to America.
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Justin Michael as Uncle Sam
Jacob Reed as Uncle Sam
Skyler James as Drummer Boy
The Trojan Men as Mens Choir
Andres du Bouchet as Bald Eagle
Paul Rust as Lady Liberty
Executive Producer: Mike Farah
Producer: Ally Hord, Tremendosaur
Director: Dustin Bowser, Justin Michael, Jacob Reed
Written by: Justin Michael, Jacob Reed
Cinematographer: Andrew Knapp
AC: Jason Tippet
Hair & Makeup: Haley O’Neil
Sound: Pat Janssen
Vocals Arrangement: Daniel Weidlein
VFX: by Dustin Bowser
Edited: by Dustin Bowser and Tremendosaur
PAs: Leigh Alan, Joe Bergren, Sam Fischell, Mike Gabriel, Grant Lipschultz, Minh Vu, Vince Wloch
Special Thanks: Danny O’Malley, Abel Charrow, Melissa Becerra, Fatal Farm, David Lewandowski, Elliot Dickerhoof, Sean Boyle, Gian Molina, Alex Berg, Jordyn Rachel, Logan Olson
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Published July 01, 2011
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