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Full Credits

Directed by Baldev Sandhu
Written by Baldev Sandhu, Matt Inman, and Luke Pereira
Produced by Baldev Sandhu, Matt Inman, Luke Pereira, Nelly Castillo, and Joan Pla
Photographed by Chandler Lynn
Edited by James Boger
Sound Design by Mike Leone and Jake Bann
Coloring by James Boger
Original Music by Mike Leone
Detective Jones: Sam Klein
Detective Allison: JT Vancollie
Mrs. Pooter: Robin Roth
Chief Barry: Myles Cranford
Pizza Shop Owner: Dan Kafer
Esther the Dog: Maxine Eloi
Pizza Boys: Mike Leone, Baldev Sandhu
Police Extras: Nelly Castillo, Jake Bann, Robert Calva
Gaffer: Jake Bann
Best Boy: Robert Calva
Sound Recording: Mike Leone
Art Director: Matt Inman
Production Assistants: Mike Henderson, Fabian Cardoso
Graphic Design by Ross O'Donohue
"Chopstick" Drums by Nick Woods and Matt Schwartz
Additional Music Provided by the YouTube Audio Library
Special Thanks to Pizza Man, Hollywood, CA

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September 20, 2016