Behind the scenes look at the President Reunion shoot.

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March 03, 2010


Ron Howard: Ready...and…Action!

Dana Carvey: I wouldn’t have done it without you.

Chevy Chase: Huh?

Dana Carvey: I wouldn’t have done it without you. T-Mobile and now this.

Chevy Chase: I would have done it without you.

Dana Carvey: I know you would have, but I wouldn’t have. Ha ha.

Chevy Chase: Yeah, I would have. No question about it.

Dana Carvey: Will we be shooting again…

Chevy Chase: Kind of sorry you’re here.

Jim Carrey: that’s the right weight. That’s definitely the right weight.

Woman (off-camera): Does it feel good to you?

Jim Carrey: Yeah, they’re definitely Republican.

Ron Howard: …a dream, but we get close-ups of everyone looming over as you say line x.

Dana Carvey: We, uh…

Darrell Hammond: We kind of are.

Dana Carvey: Accidentally, we influenced the course of history in North America.

Jim Carrey: I’m just glad I’m not you.

Chevy Chase: There’s nothing like hummus to get your day going.

Chevy Chase: Did you change the locks again?

Chevy Chase: Live from New York.

Will Ferrell: Listen up. You fly straight you minahoony.

Jim Carrey: Tag, you’re it!

Dana Carvey: Get some balls, testicles. I know Ronnie Reagan coming back from the dead, telling you about that.

Jim Carrey: Got a wall? Need to take them down? That’s how we do it.

Dana Carvey: That’s disturbing.

Dan Ackroyd: Help me!

Darrell Hammond: Oooo, I’m the ghost of Dick Cheney!

Jim Carrey: Oh, the tax bill, it’s out of control.

Fred Armisen: …but you and that’s me, but I’m you.

Will Ferrell: I just sent Blackwater to Kenya to find your birth certificate. So, you’re welcome.

Dana Carvey: Hope you enjoyed our little get-together. We’re not trying to destroy the free market casino. Just trying to make sure the game isn’t fixed.

Ron Howard: And cut.