The adventures of an orphaned boy named Pete and his best friend Jason, who just so happens to be a serial killer.

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♪ ♪
[ soft ♪ ♪ ]
Bryce Dallas Howard: GRACE: I guess you
heard about the boy.
Robert Redford: MEACHAM: Word travels
fast in this town.
Robert Redford: MEACHAM: How long has
he been out there?
- 6 years.
- 6 years?
Robert Redford: MEACHAM: Nobody could survive
in that forest for six years...
Robert Redford: At least not alone.
Bryce Dallas Howard: He says he wasn't.
♪ ♪
Oakes Fegley: Hey Elliot!
Oakes Fegley: Come on!
He's going to kill me!
[ giggling ]
- Hey guys.
- What do you think?
- A bear?
- You ever seen a bear that big?
Bryce Dallas Howard: GRACE: What did you
really see out there?
Oakes Fegley: PETE: He's my friend.
Oakes Fegley: Shhh.
♪ ♪
Bryce Dallas Howard: GRACE: We have to
help them.
Robert Redford: MEACHAM: Get those
kids out of here!
- No!
- No!
Wes Bentley: JACK: Living out in the woods,
doing things his own way.
♪ ♪
Robert Redford: MEACHAM: There's
magic in the woods,
Robert Redford: if you know where
to look for it.