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Full Credits

Starring: Toni Charline & Rachel Bloom
Concept by Toni Charline and Clay Larsen
Director: Lauren Palmigiano
Producer: Eleanor Winkler
DP: Carissa Dorson
Editor: Marty Cramer
Camera Operators: Brian Barrow and Carlos Medina
Sound: Mike Robertson
HMU: Erin Blinn
PAs: Edgar Castillo and Elle Eckley


Toni Charline: Hi, everybody, and
welcome to Munchies.
Toni Charline: I am your host Toni,
and this is my wonderful guest
Rachel Bloom.
Toni Charline: Uh, this is a show where
we get high, and then we make
whatever munchies.
Toni Charline: I have to be honest with you,
we're doing edibles today.
-Rachel, requested-- That we did.
-I requested.
Toni Charline: Well, we did a bit of a gummy.
We did a quarter...
-Half of a quarter.
-I did...
-I did a half of a quarter of a gummy.
-So did I.
Rachel Bloom: I'm at a part like
before you actually feel it,
where I'm like,
Rachel Bloom: "Am I high?"
And then you forget to like...
Rachel Bloom: No-no, when you're
high there's no doubt.
Toni Charline: When you do get high
like what are some munchies
that you like to...
-Or do you like salty or savory or...
-Oh, me too.
-Just carbs.
Rachel Bloom: So like whether
it's cake, pasta...
Rachel Bloom: I also love potatoes.
Rachel Bloom: Um, when...
This is going to sound
really haughty.
Rachel Bloom: So my husband
and I were in Paris...
-Anytime time you say I was in Paris--
-Ooh, I see.
--it sounds like,
just go fuck yourself.
-Ah fuck. I'm really high as shit.
-Oh no.
Rachel Bloom: No it's fine.
I'm not like sad high.
It's great.
-No obscenity.
Toni Charline: Don't worry. I'm not sad everyone.
[theme music]
-So we're in Paris--
-And we went to this restaurant,
Rachel Bloom: and they made this
provincial thing called aligot,
Rachel Bloom: which is basically
cheesy mashed potatoes.
Rachel Bloom: But they literally, there was
so much cheese in this buttery
mashed potatoes,
-it stretched like rubber.
-Oh my gosh.
Rachel Bloom: And I've made it for a couple
of Thanksgivings, and I just end up
only eating my own aligot.
Toni Charline: That sounds great.
Are you in the mood for that?
-Oh my God.
-Do we do it?
Toni Charline: Did we decide?
Toni Charline: Yay!
-What is it called again?
-Aligot. A-L-I-G-O-T.
♪ ♪
Toni Charline: We got it.
Rachel Bloom: I um... need to fuckin'
lay down for 10 minutes.
Toni Charline: You wanna lay down?
That's absolutely great.
Toni Charline: I could also like start in on it.
Toni Charline: You sit on the couch.
I'll start in on this. I'll get
this going. Absolutely.
Toni Charline: Is this the right
amount of potatoes?
Toni Charline: [Toni]: We don't know.
-We only need four?
-No. No. Four?
Toni Charline: Four and medium.
This isn't... Serves four people
you get one potato?
Toni Charline: Yeah, but then it's like,
alright you get one potato.
Toni Charline: Which one?
This one or this one.
-You know what I mean?
Toni Charline: Okay. Great. Four medium.
Boom. We are sailing through this.
Rachel Bloom: I'm going to do my
impression of a normal person.
Toni Charline: When I'm usually normal, I say,
Toni Charline: "Everyone look at me. I'm normal."
Toni Charline: Wash 'em.
-It's important.
Rachel Bloom: I'm going to help
you as soon as I can.
Toni Charline: I'm going so slow.
♪ ♪
-Hey, did you peel it?
Toni Charline: I'm... I'm going to peel it.
I should've peeled it.
-That's what I thought.
-Nobody said anything.
Rachel Bloom: As soon as I can
move my hands, I'm going
to help you.
Toni Charline: [Toni]: I love it.
Toni Charline: So we're just going
to drop them in the water,
Toni Charline: and then we'll bring
them to a nice steady heat.
Rachel Bloom: Here, let me try to help.
-Oh no.
-You're doing good.
Rachel Bloom: Can I try to lay one in myself--
---Like a big girl?
-[Rachel]: I did it.
-[Toni]: That's great.
Toni Charline: Uh oh...
Toni Charline: She's in action.
Toni Charline: Once she steps in she's got it.
Toni Charline: Now two cloves,
is this like a clove or like,
is this like...
Rachel Bloom: No. Two cloves is just
like the two little beads...
bead things.
Toni Charline: Oh, I put a bunch
more than that in.
Rachel Bloom: What?
-I gotta sit back down.
-That took a lot of energy.
-It's a tough cheese.
Rachel Bloom: [Rachel]: My hands smell like cheese.
Oh, it's kind of a stinky cheese,
Rachel Bloom: but it'll be good
in the mashed potatoes.
Toni Charline: Yeah.
Heavy cream.
Toni Charline: It's been out a little while.
That's a fun treat.
Rachel Bloom: I think I've been this high in...
-A long time.
-Long time.
Toni Charline: [Toni]: If you're cooking along at home,
go ahead and give it a potato check.
Toni Charline: Oh yeah.
Definitely should've left them in.
-Let's see how dry it looks.
-Like you can feel the dryness to it.
Rachel Bloom: Oh shit.
[Rachel]: Seems like we need
more potatoes in here.
Toni Charline: [Toni]: Yeah. Like, they're like...
Toni Charline: Two, four medium like,
that's insane.
Rachel Bloom: It's not hot,
like this isn't going to melt butter.
Toni Charline: Okay.
-Okay. Yeah. It's getting better.
Toni Charline: Alright, we want a little butter...
Okay, yeah?
Rachel Bloom: Yeah, let's have some.
Toni Charline: We did it. Yay.
Toni Charline: Uh, I haven't tasted it.
I feel like you were a great chef.
-You tasted it as we went.
Rachel Bloom: So we'll see if this is not
the consistency it should be, but...
Toni Charline: "It should be rubber"
is what you kept saying.
Rachel Bloom: I mean, it's not great.
Rachel Bloom: But I'm still high.
I mean, it's still delicious actually.
Toni Charline: I love it.
I feel like it kind of grows on you.
-Would you serve this to someone?