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I’m Lizzy
the lezzy, I’m a lesbian you know

I’ll kiss
you on your neck and I’ll even suck your toe

I will help
you find your G-spot and I’ll fill you with delight

I’ll tell
you that I love you, and I’ll cuddle you all night

You can
dribble on my pillow, you’ll be glad I gave you head

And when
the morning comes I’ll make you breakfast in bed

So if you
want to stay the night you will always get my vote

I just hope
that you don’t wake up with a pube stuck in your throat


Helloo.  There seems to be some funny business going
down in the United States at the moment – I keep hearing
about the American erections.


people aren’t having erections over bush anymore, and instead they’re having
erections over some guy called O’Bummer, and he wants to beat some other guy
with his cane, and some pale chick called Sarah who’s never had the bush docto
in and is against gay marriage.


How dare
you decide who can and can’t get married, you ignorant woman! Even I get the
bush doctor in these days, there’s no fluff on my muff. And I’d make gay
marriage legal, no problem, maybe you’d all like to have an erection over me instead?