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Full Credits

Acting : Julie Boehm, Kevin Rothstein
Photography : Dave French
Art : Dean Pauley
Writing : Rush Olson
Editing : Dave French and Rush Olson
Dog : Hoover

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November 25, 2009


Love Drums 


(Kevin sits in front of drumset; female interviewer facing him) 


Interviewer : You play a large kit. 


Kevin : Yeah, but every drum is important.  And they know that. 


Interviewer : Any favorite? 


Kevin : Oh no – I mean, if you have children, you don’t have, like, a favorite kid.  Even if your kid looks like a ride cymbal. 


Interviewer : So you consider your drums like your kids? 


Kevin : Oh no – you gotta keep that relationship strictly professional.  I mean, I’m behind that kit all the time, straddling drums, touching ‘em, banging ‘em.  You’ve gotta have a clear line drawn. 


Interviewer : I see . . . 


Kevin : Now that doesn’t mean we’re not a tight unit.  We’re very cohesive, and word’s started to get around about that. 


Interviewer : Get around to whom?  Other musicians? 


Kevin : To other drums.  I’m constantly having drums call me trying to get into the kit.  I’ve gotta tell ‘em no.  You know, I’m not gonna cut loose a skin that’s hung with me for years, through thick and thin next to that tight-wound snare just because some shiny tom- tom thinks he’s a vibraphone. 


Interviewer : Drums call you? 


Kevin : Yeah – there’s nothing worse than getting woken up by a damn cowbell in the middle of the night.  


Interviewer : Don’t you think it’s unusual that your drums talk to you? 


Kevin : What, music doesn’t speak to you? 


Interviewer : Well, I guess, in a manner of speaking . . . 


Kevin : Look, have you ever interviewed an MC? 


Interviewer : Yes . . . 


Kevin : Well, his voice is his instrument.  And it talked to you.  So what’s different about my instrument talking? 


Interviwer : You’re unbelieveable. 


Kevin : You wanna interview any of the boys? 


Interviewer : I am not talking to your drums. 


Kevin : Too bad.  The kick drum said you had nice gams. (she rolls her eyes) Hey I’ve got a question for you.  Is the Gong Show the only game show ever named for a drum? 


Interviewer : I have no idea. (She throws up her hands and leaves) 


Kevin : Think about it.  (turns to bass drum) Now that you mention it, she does have a nice gait – 4/4 time, I think.