Mariah Carey shares her Frito Pie recipe and reveals the true meaning behind the lyrics to her new single, "Infinity." Watch the music video here: more »

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Featuring: Mariah Carey and Bryan Safi. Special guests Brett Ratner and Jeff Beacher
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Mariah Carey: Hi, welcome to cooking with Mariah Carey, and also with Bryan.
(dance music plays)
Bryan Safi: On today's episode we're making Fritos pie which is honestly
like every other episode of the show.

> Yeah.
It's really the only Frito recipe we know.

> The premise of this show is extremely narrow, so bare with us.
So the first thing we're doing here is getting our Fritos in, and sprinkle them
on in. You might be wondering why are we wearing surgical gloves--

> When cooking, right.

> --really because it's a dirty job.

> It's disgusting. I'm going to go on ahead and get my hands dirty.
(interposing talking)

> People sort of have a burning question--

> Really?

> --and it's not what is happening right now.

> Do tell.

> You have a lyric in your amazing new song Infinity that says boy you actin'
so corny like Fritos. What does that mean?

> So I had an Italian lover named Frito, years ago.

> So what happened with you and Frito?

> Frito stole my car.

> He did?

> Yes. Hold on. I'm going to go fix my hair. I don't want to get it in the pie. Hold on.
So he was kind of a jerk, yet you always want to gravitate towards
those guys, like I don't know what it is about them.

> I used to date someone named Tostito.

> Oh really?

> It was a horrible relationship. What you really want to have is the biggest
diamond ring you can find--

> You can possibly find.

> --when you're making a Frito pie.

> When you make Frito pie.

> Has there ever been anything subliminal in any other of your lyrics?

> I don't like to get to specific, so that way the people, the public, the fans,
they can decide what the song means to them.

> I love that.

> You know what I mean? Like if I'm singing going like...
(she sings) Then a Frito comes along...
Then what are they going to think?
(they both sing)

> Dream Frito come rescue me.

> Rescue me.

> Was that called a whipper or whip stick? What is it called?

> This is a whip stick.

> Ok.
Hold on, I gotta fix my hair. It'll only take one minute.
Ok. And we didn't even touch it.

> You ever written a song about Eminem?

> It's just not deep enough subject matter for me.

> I get it. We have a taste tester here today.

> And who's here today?

> I think it's movie director extraordinaire.

> Is it? No.
(Both Say): Brett Ratnet.

> Is here.
W-Welcome to the show.

> How are you?
Brett Ratner: I am so happy to be here. I've been on Rachel Ray.
I've been on Giada De Laurentiis.

> But nothing compares to our show.

> Nothing compares to this show.
This looks delicious. Can I just dig in?

> Dig on in. Go on ahead Brett.
How good is that?
That's so nutritious.
(interposing talking)
It's really bad for singing.

> It tasted delicious, do I look?

> Oh no, you're good. You're good.

> You're sure?

> Yeah. We want to thank you for coming on our show today.

> Thank you so much.

> Thanks for having me.

> Ok, thank you so much. Brett Ratner everybody. Thank you. Yes.

> You know what, he's great.
You know that saying that a Frito pie is never done?

> Right.

> That holds true with this.
Jeff Beacher: Mariah, it is me Frito.

> I can't believe it.

> I'm Mariah's co-host.

> You're not upset with me are you?

> No, this isn't happening.

> Oh my god.

> Because there is one co-host on this show. Go back to Italy!
I'll keep these.

> Alright.

> Unbelievable.

> We'll see you tomorrow.
There's no exit to this place, so, we're not going anywhere.

> There's no beginning, and there is no end.

> Thank you so much for joining us.