When GOP Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump talks trash with Billy Bush, Terry Tate returns to knock him on his tush.

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October 20, 2016


Hello, how are you? Hi.
- Hey Mr. Trump. How are you?
- Nice seeing you. Terrific.
- You know Billy Bush.
- How are you?
Hello. Nice to see you.
How are you doing Maryann?
I'm doing very well thank you.
Are you ready to be a soap star?
We're ready. Let's go.
Make me a soap star.
How about a little hug for the Donald?
He just got off the bus.
- Would you like a little hug Donald?
- Okay. Absolutely.
- Melania said this was okay.
- A little hug for the Bushy here.
- I just got off the bus.
- Bushy. Bushy.
There we go.
Excellent. Well, you've
got a nice co-star here.
[ grunting in the distance ]
That's how Terry Tate
makes America great baby!
You can't go around
grabbing people willy-nilly son!
That's just creepy.
What kind of locker rooms you've
been hanging out in Donnie, huh?
Hey, Billy Bush.
You're fired.
♪ ♪