Emmy persuades the guys to come to her acting showcase.
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Additional Credits:
Starring Rodney E. Reyes, Jonathan Weirich, Rachel Skrod, Nancy Pagan, Gus Ibranyi and Jason Ongoco
Written & Edited by Rodney E. Reyes, Jonathan Weirich, Rachel Skrod at Jake Leg Films.
Directed by Rachel Skrod
Tech Crew: Joanna Lu, Eileen Gaughan, Jason Ongoco, Nancy Pagan
"Xpress Yoself" Written by Num
Performed by Num & the Nu Afrika
From the album Peace Signs
Special Thanks to Raymond E. Gintner, Dan Drew, Eric Johnson
Copyright (c) 2010
Rendering Production with Jake Leg Films
Original Airdate: 10/6/2010
The characters and the names used herein are fictitious and any similarity to the name, character or history of any person is entirely coincidental and unintentional.
PLACES PLEASE is a web series that follows three best friends, Jack (Rodney E. Reyes), Fitz (Jonathan Weirich) and Emmy (Rachel Skrod) through their hilarious trials and tribulations as out of work actors/directors/writers/filmmakers as they try to "make it" and find their place in the New York City independent arts scene. With Daryl Denner and Nancy Pagan.
Created by
Rodney E. Reyes & Jonathan Weirich
Executive Producers:
Rodney E. Reyes, Jonathan Weirich, Rachel Skrod
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