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August 17, 2010


Today, we look at two places in upstate New York, one is the Saratoga Race Course which opened in 1863. The oldest organized sporting venue of any kind in the United States. The other place is the Shrine of the Jesuit Martyrs in Auriesville, NY., Two different places, one that deals with Money, and the other martyrs.
Saint Isaac, Saint René and Saint Jean were martyred by the Mohawk. These three frenchmen were tortured, enslaved and then murdered by the Native Americans. On this site, is the Martyr’s Shrine. Our program tonight asks, which is more popular today. MONEY or the MARTYRS?
One place doesn't want you to drink, the other place encourages you to drink. One place serves you fancy French food, the other place just gives you small wafers. One place wants you to bring beads, while the other place wants you to wear bonnets. One place is almost empty, the other place is totally packed with people. One place has small people, the other place has a large man on a cross.
This sacred place where people gave their lives because they stood up for what they believed in. And this other place, where 115 pound men get up on the back of a horse, and try to win a race.
So we put together all this symbolism, into what we believe is the story behind these two things: MONEY AND MARTYRS.

What they thought was a CARELESS JEWEL was something else, the sign on the tree, was OH so telling. The police were not very nice to our hero, they made him march up 7th street, rather than fifth ave. There were always three Poles, how symmetrical. Along the parade route, women dressed in their bonnets Souvenir crosses were sold by venders, While Pyromaniacs lit fires throughout the night. The horses tried to put out the fires, while Rick Astley assured us, we would be TOGETHER FOREVER. There was one HOT DIXIE CHICK who fainted when she met the MARTYR up-close. While the village pervert kept FLASHING, but the good news, the little kid won first prize in the ICON PROJECT, which made Steve and Jennifer, from FAMILY TIES, very happy, The contest was sponsored by BULLSBAY chewing tobacco, the favorite of the MOHAWK. And then, from the heavenly horns on high, a strange MUSICAL NOTE was heard throughout the land. And everyone was saved.