Sandos is now offering all your favorite political candidates as sandwiches. Hope you're ready for the Trump Tower of Power!

Full Credits

Staring - David Neher, Madeline Walter, Ben Parks, Ryan Perez, Paige Ivy, Kathy Yamamoto and AJ Berna
Written and Directed by Ryan Perez
Director of Photography - Aaron Ulrich
1st AC - Jefri Meintjes
Gaffer - Ian Thomas
Key Grip - Doug Sampson
Production Designer - Tricia Robertson and Ashley Swanson
Make Up Artist - Brenna Haukedahl
Sound Mixer - Steven Edgar for BoTown Sound
Production Manager - Jacob Geller
Production Coordinator - Andrew Grissom
Editor - Kegan Swyers and Ryan Perez
Graphic Design - Shawn James
Producer - Sean Boyle


NARRATOR: All this month
at Sandos Sandwiches enjoy
our election selection.
Get any of our candidate theme
sandwiches for $3.99.
Choose from our Ted Cruz
Barbecue Bacon Surprise,
our Chris Christi Monte Cristo,
The Marco Rubio Ruben,
our Bernie Sanderswich Po' Boy Deluxe.
Which one do I vote for?
NARRATOR: But they're nothing
compared to our Trump Tower
of Power.
Whoa. Trump's a big personality,
and this
is a big sandwich.
( music plays )
Cool. I get the idea.
This sandwich is a little
cheesy, but gives it to you straight.
What other sandwiches do you have?
NARRATOR: You're not done.
Keep eating.
We know you can't get enough
of the Trump sandwich.
( music plays )
Can I take a break?
NARRATOR: No. I think you need
finish the sandwich.
I just need a break.
( music plays )
Finish the whole sandwich.
Do it.
I can't eat anymore Trump.
- NARRATOR: Do it.
- What?
NARRATOR: Eat the vomit.
Eat your own vomit.
There's part of the sandwich in it.
You will eat it.
You will eat it, and you
will like it.
( music plays )
I puked up my own puke.
I puked up my own puke.
NARRATOR: Eat the puke again.
You ordered the Trump sandwich.
It's what you wanted.
Now eat it again.
Eat the puke you already threw up twice.
Just go.
NARRATOR: Get her.
N-no, no.
No please, no.
No please.
NARRATOR: Look upon him as
he eats the sandwich.
NARRATOR: It's your turn now.
My God. Please, not the
Trump sandwich.
Please, I'll eat anything else.
NARRATOR: Okay, we have the
Celery Clinton Side Salad.
I'll just get the Trump sandwich.