A bad apple ruins a perfectly good monster lynching.

Full Credits

LEADER – Michael Hogan:
FARMER RANDY – Will Greenberg
TOWNSPERSON #1 – Robert Baker
TOWNSPERSON #2 - Corey Moosa
TOWNSPERSON #3 – Rebecca Smith
The Monster Frankenstein - Holt Bailey
Dr. Frankenstein - Peter Karinen
Eleanor Godfrey
Brandon Tesar
Bill Savage
Allison Schifani
Directed, Written and Produced by: Holt Bailey and Brian Steele
Director of Photgraphy: Calvin Callaway
Editor and Special Effects: Morgan Locke
Gaffer: Frank Sopapunta
AD: Brandon “The Tease” Tesar
Graphics: Tamra Malaga
Special thanks to:
Sara Francis
Joystick Interactive
Brandon Bisig