Have friends that think a protest vote might be the way to go? You may need to remind them that they're f*ckin' high!

Full Credits

writer-director - ben wexler
mom - betsy brandt
dad - rob huebel
daughter - jennette mccurdy
producer - hans sahni
producer - bonnie zane
dp - matt sweeney
production designer - ashley swanson
editor - adriana robles
hair & make-up - jen osborne
production coordinator - jasmin guzman
art director - danny nogueiras
art assistant - rolando alvarez
art assistant - john flores
ac - steve khan
gaffer - eddy scully
key grip - kevin heinrich
g/e swing - jay carey
sound mixer - danny carpenter
pa - luis castillo

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[ ♪ ♪ ]
[ gasping ]
Betsy Brandt: Anything you
want to tell us?
- What is happening?
- Found this in your car.
Jennette Mccurdy: You guys were looking
through my car?
Rob Huebel: This is America!
People go through people's cars!
Betsy Brandt: [mom] We're just wondering,
what-what are you--
- [dad] What is it that you're thinking?
- [mom] Yes.
- [dad] What are you thinking?
- [mom] Yeah.
Jennette Mccurdy: Look, I get that you guys
have a huge boner for Hillary
Jennette Mccurdy: and all that jazz,
that's fine, I respect that,
Jennette Mccurdy: but this whole two party
system, I just don't...
Jennette Mccurdy: I think it's
kinda [bleep]--
Rob Huebel: Stop! Stop talking!
Rob Huebel: Look at me. Donald Trump
could become President.
Rob Huebel: Is that what you want?
Jennette Mccurdy: It's called a protest vote dad.
It's my right as an American citizen.
Rob Huebel: I'm going to kill her.
I'm going to kill her.
- I know babe.
- I'm worried that I'm
going to kill her.
Betsy Brandt: I know, just...
Betsy Brandt: Sweetheart...
Betsy Brandt: You're too young
to remember this--
Jennette Mccurdy: Nader, I know.
Betsy Brandt: We worked our
[bleep] off for Nader.
Betsy Brandt: We did the whole thing.
W-We called people.
Rob Huebel: We knocked on
their front doors.
Betsy Brandt: I got a tattoo.
Rob Huebel: You did?
Rob Huebel: Look, the thing is,
at the time we didn't think
there was any difference
Rob Huebel: between the two parties.
Betsy Brandt: Then you know
what happened?
Rob Huebel: [dad] George W. [bleep]
Bush happened!
Rob Huebel: And that's on us.
Your mom and me.
Betsy Brandt: Iraq. Katrina.
Rob Huebel: And then, oh, a little thing called
the collapse of the world economy.
Rob Huebel: And we almost lost
this house that we live in.
Betsy Brandt: W-We almost
lost our house?
Rob Huebel: Yeah. I never told you.
Rob Huebel: If you don't think there's a difference
between the two parties anymore...
Rob Huebel: you're [bleep] high.
Jennette Mccurdy: Well...
Jennette Mccurdy: I am definitely not high.
- Listen, you love Bernie--
- Right.
- Yes.
Betsy Brandt: Gary Johnson is
the opposite of Bernie.
Rob Huebel: It's like being upset
there's no vegan option
Rob Huebel: so you order
a side of beef.
- [ soft ♪ ♪ ]
- If you care about choice,
Betsy Brandt: if you care about
global warming--
Betsy Brandt: Trump does not even
believe in global warming.
Rob Huebel: This matters.
Betsy Brandt: It matters.
Rob Huebel: It [bleep] matters!
Jennette Mccurdy: You guys really think I'm
going to vote for somebody
because my parents told me?
Betsy Brandt: Fine. You don't want
to listen to us? That is fine.
Betsy Brandt: But you know what
at least, listen to Bernie.
Bernie Sanders: This moment in history for
a Presidential election is not
Bernie Sanders: the time for a
protest vote.
Jennette Mccurdy: You guys brought a clip?
Rob Huebel: Yeah, we brought
a [bleep] clip.
Betsy Brandt: Because that's
how important this is.
Jennette Mccurdy: Are we done?
Rob Huebel: Yeah. Yeah, we're done.
Rob Huebel: Oh, oh, oh, oh.
Rob Huebel: One more thing...
Rob Huebel: We have it on good authority
that if Hillary becomes President
Rob Huebel: weed's going
to be legal.
Jennette Mccurdy: Well, I don't really smoke weed,
so that doesn't matter to me.
Betsy Brandt: Oh, you don't
smoke weed?
Jennette Mccurdy: No, so that's not
relevant to me.
Rob Huebel: [giggling] What?
What did you say?
- [mom] She doesn't smoke it.
- [dad] Why-- Why would you say that?
Betsy Brandt: Because she doesn't smoke it.
- And so this...
- I just had that because--
Betsy Brandt: [mom] This...
Betsy Brandt: means nothing
to you.
Rob Huebel: That's a real
stank bookmark.
- We don't-- That's--
- No, we good. We good.
Rob Huebel: Yeah. We'll take it.
I'm going to read that chapter.
Betsy Brandt: Is Hillary going to
legalize marijuana?
Rob Huebel: I don't [bleep] know.
Betsy Brandt: Hey, let's smoke
this [bleep].
Rob Huebel: Right behind you.
- The Nader tattoo.
- Yeah.
Rob Huebel: It's on your butthole right?