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Full Credits

Starring- David Harbour
Featuring- Zack Poitras, Andrew Grissom, Edgar Castillo
Directors- Zack Poitras & Matt Sweeney
Executive Producer- Brianne Trosie
Producer- Andrew Grissom
Writer- Ben Wietmarschen
Editor- Hannah Levy
DP- Matt Sweeney
Cam Op- Nate Cornett
Gaffer- Derek Vass
Key Grip- Zack Wilcox
Swing- Derek Van Valkenburg
Production Designer- Ellie Del Campo
Art Director- Sam Corona
Sound- Mike Robertson
H&MU- Brenna Haukedahl
Wardrobe- Alyx Cohen
PA- Edgar Castillo


[ "Stranger Things" theme music ]
David Harbour: [David] You know, when the
Duffer Brothers sent me the script
David Harbour: I was really excited,
because I'm, you know,
David Harbour: I'm like a hardcore, uh,
s sci-fi type of guy.
David Harbour: I mean, so rarely do you
connect so deeply with a role.
David Harbour: This silent strength,
coupled with this vulnerability
David Harbour: in seeing this person change
over the course of 8 episodes,
David Harbour: clearly I had a very strong
vision for this character.
♪ ♪
[ crunch ]
- My mind crushed the can.
- [ beep ]
David Harbour: Goddamit!
Fans just stop!
David Harbour: Uhh.
David Harbour: Uh, I made it.
David Harbour: [David]
Yeah, sure,
the Duffer brothers
David Harbour: never specifically asked
me to audition for Eleven,
David Harbour: but, um, I think that I added a
dimension to the character that, you know,
David Harbour: I don't-- [chuckles]
I don't think he's in the
final finished product.
David Harbour: Yeah.
David Harbour: Some stuff we know
about Eleven at this point.
David Harbour: Some stuff we don't.
David Harbour: I was putting pure gold
on that tape, and uh--
David Harbour: you know, look, I'm not bitter,
I mean, Millie did an okay job
playing Eleven, you know.
- But my Eleven was...
- ♪ ♪
Zack Poitras: She's just letting him
die in the Upside-Down.
Zack Poitras: For all we know,
she's the monster.
David Harbour: I'm no monster
you dumb ass!
- [ beep ]
- Okay, so for
this next scene--
David Harbour: Where's Barb?
- [ beep ]
- So this next one
Zack Poitras: is a none violent scene where
Eleven goes to the waffle store,
Zack Poitras: and she steals
some Eggo--
- Give, me, god,
damn, waffles!
- [ beep ]
♪ ♪
David Harbour: Pretty.
David Harbour: I made it.
David Harbour: [David] Stranger Things
was great, you know--
David Harbour: Thank you Duffer Brothers
for putting me in it,
David Harbour: but look, hey, if you want
real 80s hardcore sci-fi,
David Harbour: I want you to check out my
new Netflix series coming next fall.
♪ ♪
[ explosions ]
David Harbour: I'm Eleven now bitch.