talking the election the only way he knows how: with a giant boompole

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April 12, 2016


Today we're in beautiful
Central Park, and we're
going to be asking New Yorkers
some real questions
about real issues. Let's go.
Who do you think has the best
chance of winning the election?
Hillary Clinton man.
Sir, Bernie Sanders. Yes or No.
Hillary Clinton, or [...?]
Okay. You got it.
Sir, Bernie Sanders in the primary?
Bernie Sanders?
Hillary. Yes or No.
When it comes to
being in office...oh!
Oh, I'm sorry.
When you're actually in office,
I think the experience
is what really, really helps
you get the job done well.
So are you an independent voter?
Go away.
Can I ask you a question about
the upcoming election?
Are we more connected in 2016
than ever before or less connected?
Can you say it again, and
wait 'till I get down there?
We are more connected.
Very nice, the city.
Thank you. Have a great day.
Nice people out here.
Howard Dean.
How long are you
visiting New York for?
A couple of days - leaving today.
I ask the questions.
Ask the question?
You like Krabby Patties
don't you Squidward?
Fair enough.
Who is this?
I promise you there's
no problem, okay.
It's going to be good. We're going
to win. It's going to be big.
Bernie Sanders.
I am voting for Donald Trump, because,
I look at all the candidates, and
I'm looking for somebody
who's like, who can run a nation...
Hey, I think that Donald Trump
guy is playing Leapfrog.
Trump Guy: ...and as a business man
not only do you have
a roll of leadership, but you also have
to make sure the business is running.
He hires people under him
to run his business.
He'll have a good board of people
under him to run a good nation.
Very exciting day in Central Park.
We learned a lot about
what people think about current
events and the weather outside.
Good luck to you guys.