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Full Credits

Starring - Nick Kroll, Fred Willard, Penny Marshall, Fred Melamed, Kumail Nanjiani, Andrée Vermeulen & Ann M. Lansing
Written by Dan Klein
Directed by Andrew Bush
Director of Photography- Daniel Levin
1st AC- Rebecca Carpenter
2nd AC - Fernando Zacarias
Gaffer - Derek Vass
Best Boy Electric - Zach Wilcox
Electric - Brody Culbertson
Key Grip - Cameron Bryant
Driver - Jim Boyer
Production Designer - Rachael Ferrara
Art Director - Beth Borwell
Set Decorator- Casey Baker
Hair and Make Up Artist - Brenna Haukedahl & Jenn Osborne
Wardrobe Stylist - Melissa Gould McNeely & Kelly Walker
Sound- Shannon Deane for BoTown Sound
1st AD - Matt Mazany
Production Assistants - Ben Parks, Jamal Taylor & Aaron Garcia
Production Coordinator - Ryan Scobey
Editor - Caleb Swyers
Producer - Sean Boyle & Betsy Koch


Male Narrator:
Harvey Rosen loves the holidays.
Female Voice: We're going to have so
much fun with my family tomorrow.
Nick Kroll: Your family?
Male Narrator:
But this season...
♪ [music plays] ♪
Nick Kroll: Thanksgiving and Hanukkah
are on the same day?
Male Narrator: You'll get two
holidays for the price of one.
Fred Willard: Hi!
Penny Marshall: Harvey!
Fred Melamed: How are you?
Female Voice:
Who was that?
Kumail Nanjiani: If anything it feels
more convenient.
Nick Kroll: But my in-laws can't
know that I'm Jewish.
Kumail Nanjiani: Why?
Kumail Nanjiani: They don't already know?
Kumail Nanjiani: I really don't see what
the problem is.
Male Narrator: It's double the
trouble when it comes to
one man's family.
Kumail Nanjiani: Amen!
Penny Marshall: Where are
you going?
Penny Marshall: Harvey!
Nick Kroll: Alright. Something
weird's going on.
Fred Willard: Are those latkes?
Nick Kroll: These? No.
Nick Kroll: These are turkeys.
Tiny turkeys.
Penny Marshall: Why are we sitting
in a garage?
Nick Kroll: Here's the tur...
Nick Kroll: I gotta go!
Male Narrator: He'll do his
best to keep it together,
even if that means keeping
everyone apart.
Nick Kroll: Have you met my in-laws?
They're not Jewish.
Kumail Nanjiani: No, I get what the premise is,
but it just feels like a
Kumail Nanjiani: manufactured conflict.
Nick Kroll: I need to cut the Torah...
the turkey.
Nick Kroll: The Torah's
the turkey!
Fred Willard: Your husband seems
to be very nervous.
Fred Melamed: What are you acting
so crazy about?
Nick Kroll: I keep confusing
two things.
Nick Kroll: Hot! Hot! Hot!
Hot! Hot!
Nick Kroll: Hot menorah here...
Nick Kroll: I mean pumpkin pie!
Nick Kroll: I mean turkey!
Nick Kroll: I mean a turkey pie!
Penny Marshall: There's something wrong with
the logic in this situation.
Nick Kroll: Coming!
Fred Willard: Is that a yarmulke on
your pilgrim hat?
Fred Willard: Why is he even wearing a
pilgrim hat in the first place.
Male Narrator: Sometimes two
families aren't better than one.
Nick Kroll: First and foremost, we have
to thank the Maccabees.
Fred Willard: Maccabees?
Nick Kroll: Uh, who were--
Fred Willard: Who gives a
Thanksgiving speech?
Nick Kroll: Actually, I have a
better speech right--
Penny Marshall: Religiously, Hanukkah
is not a big deal.
Fred Melamed: Having us here
tonight is idiotic.
Male Narrator: It's actually not
a problem for anyone.
Nick Kroll: Wait, I can be at both
dinners at once.
Nick Kroll: I'll build a dummy of
myself, and then use a
Nick Kroll: remote control to
move it around.
Kumail Nanjiani: Do you know anything
about robotics?
Male Narrator:
Except for this guy.
[Female Voice Off-screen]:
I know you're in there
celebrating Hanukkah
with your parents.
Penny Marshall: Let her in..
Nick Kroll: Shh!
Male Narrator:
It's a made up problem.
Male Narrator:
Harvey is...
Nick Kroll: Ahh!
Nick Kroll: Gotta go!
Male Narrator:
The Crazy Man.
Fred Willard: Anyway, the next thing
you know it'll be Christmas.
Nick Kroll: Christmas?