Josh Fletcher, Blackberry's last employee, introduces his company's latest (and last) new device.

Full Credits

Starring- Dave Foley
Written and Directed by Andy Bush
Director of Photography- Kevin Atkinson
Gaffer- Corrin Hodgson
Production Designer - Beth Borwell
Sound- Chris Bennett for BoTown Sound
Edited by Andy Bush and Caleb Swyers
Producer- Sean Boyle


I'm Josh Fletcher, and I'm the
last employee here at Blackberry
Blackberry is heading towards a
complete and utter collapse
So in an attempt to try and turn things around
we would like to introduce to you our latest device
Alright, and here it is
It's an iPhone
That's right, it's an Apple iPhone
I think this is the 4
I think we got 4S' as well, and I gotta 5,
and I think there's some 3GS' around here as well
A lot of people left pretty quickly, and
didn't have time to clean out their desks
Managed to find out that a lot of people have
been secretly stowing these away around the office.
So we are willing to let
these go at pretty good prices
Pretty good savings to you the consumer
from us, the failure
You want keyboards, you don't want keyboards
What, you want them bigger, smaller, what do you want?
Just, you know...
Why not just fuckin' tell us what you want.
Why don't you just tell us what you want...America.
Don't be such a bitch about it, huh?
Hey, want to hear a funny story?
I have been so depressed since all this
started happening that I cannot get an erection
Well the good news is
that my wife, very understanding has left me
Here's my agenda
I'm going to finish this bottle of Jack Daniels
Then, I'm going to, edit this video together, uh,
while blind drunk, because I don't know give a fu...
[guitar strumming]
[guitar strumming]
They really are just beautiful, they really are...
Just no way around it, they're just beautiful man
[happy advertisement music plays]
Naw, that doesn't feel any better