Inside a vagina, the female reproductive system sets out to "shut the whole... more »

Full Credits

Written by: Jennefer Ludwigsen
Story by: Marc Jablon and Jennefer Ludwigsen
Director: Justin Dittrich
Produced by:
Jennefer Ludwigsen
Hilary Barraford
Carrie Layne
Cinematography: Dustin Pearlman
Editor: Kevin Zhang
Sound Mixing and Design: Gabriel Serrano
Production Design: Ethan Feldbau
Script Supervisor and Go-to Gal: Amanda Zarr
Cast (in order of appearance):
Uterine Hall Monitor: E-Kan Soong
Vulva Security Guard: Lea Coco
Deputy Lubitsch: David Folsom
Dispatcher #1: Hilary Barraford
Dispatcher #2: Carrie Layne
Amygdala: Jennefer Ludwigsen
Thank you:
Coe Camera Rental
Marc Jablon
Amanda Zarr
Joe Kasparoff
Mike Nelson
Jake Bradbury
David Seger
Ellison Bay Ludwigsen-Folsom