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Taint like me boycottin a ressarant what don’t serve no likker gonna do a hole hella... more »
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Loretta Jenkins here at your service
for this important How I Seize It
on discrimilation.
No doubt since most of y'all are faggots out there,
you done heard about this
Broo-Haa-Haa goin' on.
Look here, Chickadees.
Bidness is Bidness.
Feel free to have any of the views you want.
Just don't have a cow
when all my non-discriminational drankin' buddies
decide to go buy they chicken sandwich somewhere else!
It ain't right for nobody to discrimilate about nothin'-
'Cept for me and who I let up in my hotbox.
I think all you cocksmokers out there
ought to rub your junk on your cash
before you go shoppin' at a Chick-fil-A
and just pass that 'gay' onto them assholes.
Don't be actin' like you supposed to be all protected
from backlash when you funnelin' all that money
into your Hate Groups.
Or as Lo calls 'em...Churches!
They like,
"You Bullyin' Us Christians!"
And I'm like,
"You been doin' it to the rest of the world
for the past 2000 years,
so deal with it!"
Hopefully a boycott make them stay open on Sundays
where they can't go fill up the coffins
and offerin' plates with they hatred!
It ain't like we didn't know for years
that Chickle-A was a Christian company!
Have you ever drove over there
after a night of drankin'
and they be closed on Sunday?
Man, that used to piss me off!
You know, back when I ate.
Now here's some solid boycott advice.
Don't eat you no Chick-fil-A,
or Carl Jr./Hardees
and don't order no Domino's pizzas man,
cause they give money to the Pro-Lifers.
AND, they don't even promise their pizza
to be on time no more for thirty minutes.
Ain't that their thing?
I mean, ain't that's what's burned on the glory
on they damn first opened up?
Get your pizza there in thirty minutes or it's free
and now they don't do it no more?
That...that ain't right.
I reckon times is changin'.
Truth be told,
I don't really order pizza,
I just let that delivery guy come over here and fuck.
Do y'all knowed he ain't got but three testacles?
True story.
Hey, when I start makin' more than beer money,
I'm gonna buy me a franchise.
I'm gonna turn one of them chickies into a gay bar.
Call it 'Dick-fil-A!'
Free blowjob and a jug of sweet tea
for every family meal sold!
I'll have me a line around the goddamn block.
Put you motherfuckers outta bidness!
You better redneckanize!
Cause sexuality regardless,
ain't no man alive gonna turn down a free blowjob.
You know...
...if it's dark enough.
Hey, y'all heard of Mad Cows?
I hear that Chick-fil-A products gives you
'Depressed Chicken Syndrome.'
That's what I head.
And loose stools.
Hey, I heard that shit on National Examiner,
and that's the shit just crazy enough to be true!
Hell, we oughta just sick them crazed cow-lovin'
Muslims on them chicktards and be done with it.
Goddamn y'all,
them cows just gets me every times.
Like y'all know how like most peoples
gets all choke up on a Hallmark card
or a douche commercial?
I just got a soft spot for cows-
Don't nobody give a fuck about your damn dead pet cow!
Fuckin' rude...
I think they sploitin' cows,
and I think we oughta get that Erin Brokabitch up there
to throw a class action suit up on their asses.
How come PETA ain't take them down yet?
Stickin fenceless cows up on a billboard.
That Colonel Sanders ought to declare war on they ass.
Here's a word to wise all you Chick-fil-A-ers out there.
A good business decision might be to lay OFF the gays.
Do y'all know how much money these sumbiches has got?
Shit, I got my dead tooth fixed with that
disposable queer money.
Take it from me!
And that's How I Seize It.
Later, taters!
Goddamn, I want me some waffle fries...