Full Credits

Starring: Dave Franco & Chris Mintz-Plasse
Directed by Rod Blackhurst & Brian McGinn
Written by - Dave Franco & Hunter Cope
Edited by Brian McGinn
DP - Rod Blackhurst
Producer - Ally Hord
AC - TJ Hellmuth
Gaffer/Key Grip - Aaron Ulrich
Sound - BoTown Sound
Hair/MU - Carleigh Herbert
PA - Stewart Adams
Colorist - Santiago Padilla for NewHat, Los Angeles
Title Art - Jessica Rather
Special Thanks: Tyler Danna, A.J. Rose, Andy Goodman, Max Wong, Sean Hurlburt


[Music Playing]
Chris Mintz-Plasse: You are so hot, I'm gonna smoke weed out of your a*s using a big, bubbling, butt bong, then, I'm gonna get so high after your stinky little butt nuggets [Breathes In] Squeak {Breathes Out]. [Slurps]
Dave Franco: You're so hot, I wanna f**k you Oregon Trail-style. Setting the pace to grueling. Mmm! [Slurps]
Chris Mintz-Plasse: You are so hot, I'm gonna put on one of those old-school Scrooge nightcaps, and sneak into your bedroom at night, and blow you like the ghost of Christmas a*s. [Slurps]
Dave Franco: I wanna name your c**k catness, my a**hole pita, and my mouth Lita Mansworth, only one orifice will survive!
Chris Mintz-Plasse: Oh! I hope it's pita.
Dave Franco: [Slurping]
Chris Mintz-Plasse: You are so fu**ing hot, I wanna smoke bath salts, and [Yelling] EAT YOUR FU**ING D**K OFF!
Dave Franco: That would be a pretty small meal.
Chris Mintz-Plasse: Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum.
Dave Franco: Oh, you are so hot, you could resurrect Mina Sorvino's career.
Chris Mintz-Plasse: Not. Possible.
Dave Franco: [Slurping]
Chris Mintz-Plasse: You are so fu**ing hot, I want you to [Singing] take me down to the pair of d**ks city, where your a*s is red, and your pubes are frizzy. Oh, won't you please make me c*m.
Dave Franco: Hey, look me in the eyes. I got something to say. You are so hot, I wanna inhale you through the glory hole at the nearest truck stop bathroom, and never see you again.
Chris Mintz-Plasse: Aww.
Dave Franco: Inevitably inspiring a Gotye song called [Singing] And now you're just somebody that I used to blow.
Dave Franco Chris Mintz-Plasse: [Singing] Somebody.
Dave Franco: [Slurping]
Chris Mintz-Plasse: What do we do now?
Dave Franco: You know exactly what we need to do now. [Glass Clinks]
Chris Mintz-Plasse: Oh fu**ing bring it you dirty f**k.
Dave Franco: My whole life has been leading to this moment. Here I go, here I come!
[Music Playing]
[Slurping Sound]
Chris Mintz-Plasse: Eh, you know, not bad.
Dave Franco: [Vomiting Noises]
Chris Mintz-Plasse: So worth it.