Episode 2 of "Welcome to the Ranchero" Pool Church is threatened by the changing seasons

Full Credits

Starring: Chase Spivey, Heather Kelly and Ben Lindesmith
Doug Rader as the Man in the Bush
Nick Bartell as the D&D Guy
Attila Balazs as G Dub
Will Gardner as the Eagle at the Bar
Allison Kelly as Teddy
Thom Proctor as the Pool Pastor
Sarah King and Lauren Dale as the Girls on the Patio
Rai Fordyce as the Pencil Girl
Allie Naifeh as the Girl at the Bar Patio
Chris McDaniel as Crazy Noises Dude
Gabe Matthews as Gabe
Natalie Inderrieden as the Bartender
Jess Oh as Jess Oh
David Birdwell as David
Travis Pierce as Travis
Emily Marx as Emily
Directed by: Ben Lindesmith
Written by: Ben Lindesmith, Chase Spivey, Heather Kelly, Thom Proctor, Chris McDaniel, Doug Rader, Nick Bartell
Camera by: Ben Lindesmith, Chase Spivey, Heather Kelly, Thom Proctor, Susan Emberton, Travis Pierce
Sound Design: Thom Proctor
Lighting Direction: Travis Pierce
Production Assistance: Thom Proctor, Travis Pierce, Rai Fordyce, Chris McDaniel, Emily Marx
Ranchero Gardener : Doug Rader
Thanks to all of our extras and anyone who has helped with the Ranchero
Thanks to Travis Pierce, Magnificent Bird, Zebre, Psychotic Reaction, Lauren Dale, Doug Rader, and Thom Proctor for music - ZanzibarRecords.com

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October 30, 2012