Tom Brady shows off his Under Armour Athlete Recovery Sleepwear which gives him the rest he needs to win.

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January 06, 2017


- ♪
- And welcome back to QBC.
What are we looking at today Rodge?
It's our very first product line
with the greatest QB of all time,
TB 12 himself, Mr. Tom Brady!
Mr. Brady is ready for bed wearing TB 12's
new Under Armour Recovery Sleepwear.
[female host] He's going to catch
more Z's than his receivers catch TD's,
- which stands for touchdown.
- [chuckling] I knew that.
Let's go ahead and get
a very close shot of this.
I-I'm not a doctor,
but I'm pretty sure that this is science.
Notice that hexagonal pattern on
the inside material of the sleepwear.
Now, that's uniquely designed to
improve blood flow as you rest.
Coincidentally, I wish someone could've
improved the the blood flow in my marriage.
OK, that's too much Rodge.
- [phone rings]
- And the phones are already lighting up.
Caller Sean L. from Long Island,
you're on.
[Sean] First of all, Brady sucks.
Second, I'm a huge fan of these
Tom Brady Under Armour pajamas.
- Pats suck!
- [Tom] No, you suck man.
OK, nobody sucks here.
Go back to sleep Tom.
Much appreciated Sean.
[Rodge] Viewers at home, we have our
own separate line of QBC sleep products,
and Tom is showing off one of our latest.
[female host]
The Tom Brady Performance Teddy.
Oh, and this is great,
give it a little squeeze Tom.
- [bear toy] Go to sleeeep.
- OK, that was a big squeeze.
And what better way to ultimately relax
than with QBC's
Relaxation Station Noise Machine.
[Rodge] These noises were
made by Tom Brady himself!
- [Rodge] Nod off to ocean breezes.
- [Tom voicing] Caw! Caw!
- [Rodge] Stormy weather.
- [Tom voicing]
- [Rodge] Whale sounds.
- [Tom whispering] Whale sounds.
[Tom imitating a whale sound]
[Rodge] And of course,
a coach's whistle.
[whistling] Sleep! Sleep!
[female host] Did you know
Tom wrote a book about sleeping?
[Rodge] America, get these
products now before they drift off folks.
You snooze, you lose.
A good snooze. [laughs]
- Call now!
- [Rodge shushes]