A gymnast from the US men's olympic team fails huge on the floor.

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Dustin Diamond - Jake Szymanski
Diane Russell - Ally Hord
Commentators - Ryan Perez, Bryan Safi
Featuring - Natalie Padilla
Director - Chris Farah
DP - Brad Schulz
Producer - Michelle Fox
Editor - Michael Burke
Wardrobe - Tala Bakhtar
Special Thanks - Los Angeles School of Gymnastics, Brigitte Liebowitz


♪ ♪
back to London where the
U.S. men's gymnastics team
has one last chance at a medal.
Dustin Diamond just might be
the story of these games, Keith.
-years-old he started
training just 3 weeks ago,
tragically sprained his ankle
just moments before his floor exercise.
The good news is he is warming
up for it even though he's drinking.
He says it gives
him power.
And we're waiting for
him to come up here.
Here he is. This is really
an incredible moment.
The country's on the
edge of their seats.
Very unorthodox outfit
for a performance.
There's that foot.
Of course if he doesn't
compete there is no chance of gold.
I can't imagine what's going
through his head right now.
It really all comes down to
the first view steps Keith.
If you can land that first combination,
he will have a shot.
And he's on.
All I can think is maybe
tonight a miracle happens.
♪ ♪
He's still the only man on
the team who requires music
to perform the floor exercise.
The other ones don't
really do music at all.
He's thinking one foot
in front of the other...
-[ bone cracks, yelling ]
DUSTIN: This is impossible!
Ah, fuck!
I'm okay.
[ crowd booing ]
dancing out there.
Still on the floor
just having fun.
Trying to get up.
Oh, I think he's
going to do it now.
-[ bone cracks, yelling ]
-Ooh, no.
DUSTIN: Uh, nothing in it works.
Nothing in it works!
The rest of his team,
daggers in their eye.
Oh fuck!
ANNOUNCERS: And some of that
language, I have just never...
It's honestly inappropriate and does
not reflect the spirit of the games.
days of work,
down the drain.
-But he's coming back up.
-[ fans cheering ]
Oh and look at
that big finish.
It's the heart
of a champion.
DIANE: Dustin, Dustin,
Diane Russell NBC News.
What was going through
your head when you fell 3 steps
into your floor routine?
Just so thankful that
I made it those 3 steps.
What do you say to other 36-year-olds
looking to start gymnastics?
You just got to keep your struts,
and you gotta keep your smiles, um...
and you just gotta just
persevere I guess.
Do you need ice or
anything for your ankle?
I mean it looks pretty bad.
Just some ice cold brews
Diane, and I'll be fine.