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Sources told Yahoo! Sports that former USC running back, Reggie Bush, will be... more »
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If I was Reggie Bush, where’s the one place I could hide my Heisman Trophy so that no one would ever be able to take it back.  [Kim Kardashian's Butt] I found my place.

Welcome to Ride The Pine...Let’s Talk Sports!!

Sources told Yahoo! Sports
that the Heisman Trophy Trust is expected to strip former USC star
running back, Reggie Bush, of his Heisman award by the end of
September.   The trust has denied these reports, but if true this would
be the first time in the 75-year history of the award that it has been
taken away from a winner.  It’s still undecided if Bush’s participation
in the 2004 National Championship victory will have any impact on the record books, but the USC offensive line vowed to take a paycut in protest this season.

The college football season kicked off with an exciting victory for the third-ranked Boise State Broncos against tenth-ranked Virginia Tech
Boise State could potential cause chaos in the BCS rankings this year,
with doubters debating their strength of schedule.  That’s not a big
deal, because at the end of the year the best team wins in the
playoffs.  Oh Wait, there’s no playoff.  I forgot a computer picks the
winner!  AWESOME!

The biggest holdout of the NFL preseason, New York Jets defensive back, Darrelle Revis, signed a four year-contract just in time to ready for Week 1.  Jets’ head coach, Rex Ryan, said that this would be the last time he would get involved in a contract negotiation.  Next time, he’ll just eat the contract.

And that is my view from the pine...

Head over to
right now to vote on whether you think Reggie Bush should be stripped
of his Heisman Trophy.  Results will be announced next episode.

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