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Did Justin Bieber steal his hit song "Baby" from Raaaaaaaandy?
Published March 07, 2010 2.9m views Immortal More Info »
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Aziz Ansari as Raaaaaaaandy
Dave Sitek as Himself
Brandon Johnson as DJ Ol' Youngin
Josh Simpson as Reenactment Justin Bieber
Directed by Neil Mahoney
Written by Aziz Ansari
Edited by Matt Villines
The video opens the opening of Justin Bieber's hit song “Baby” along
with several short clips of Justin Bieber. The following text appears:

Everyone Loves Justin Bieber


Did Justin Bieber Steal His Biggest Hit...


A shot of Aziz Ansari is superimposed over the clip of Justin Bieber.
The shot cuts to Aziz Ansari sitting in a recording studio. The
following text appears:

Raaaaaaaandy Comedian/Musician/Entrepreneur

Aziz Ansari: Two months ago, I was in the studio with Dave Sitek,
working on the Randy Mix Tape.

The shot cuts to Aziz Ansari in the studio with Dave Sitek, and Brandon

Aziz Ansari: And Justin Bieber drops by...

A shot cuts to a picture of Justin Bieber and then back to Aziz Ansari
sitting in the recording studio.

Aziz Ansari: …and he's like, 'Oh, I just want to watch you all work,”
which basically means he wants to come over and smoke all our weed. What
happened next? Watch this reenactment.

There is a flash of white and the shot fades back in only in black and

Aziz Ansari: What's up, Bieber?

Josh Simpson enters the shot dressed as Justin Bieber.

Josh Simpson: Good, as always.

Josh Simpson is then shown lighting up a joint.

Aziz Ansari: Okay, Sit, play me something.

Dave Sitek: I think you're gonna like this.

Dave Sitek begins playing the opening of “Baby” and Aziz Ansari
considers it for a moment. Brandon Johnson can be seen in the

Aziz Ansari: I like this. Okay, you guys ready.

Aziz Ansari is shown wearing headphones and standing next to a
microphone. Dave Sitek starts up the music and Aziz Ansari begins a bad
rendition of “Baby” into the microphone. The shot zooms in on Josh
Simpson, who exhales a giant cloud of smoke and stares at the back of
Aziz Ansari's head. The shot cuts to overhead view of Dave Sitek and
Aziz Ansari in the studio. Aziz Ansari sings badly for a moment and

Aziz Ansari: Print that shit!

Brandon Johnson: Yo, Randy!

Aziz Ansari: I want to call that one Baby, Baby.

Josh Simpson: It's real nice man.

Aziz Ansari: You like that, Biebers?

Josh Simpson: Yeah. What's that man?

Josh Simpson pulls a piece of paper out of Aziz Ansari's hand.

Aziz Ansari: That's the lyrics, man. What are you doing, Bieber?

Josh Simpson reaches behind his back and then a shot is heard.

Aziz Ansari: Oh, shit! Bieber, fuck!

Aziz Ansari falls to the floor.

Brandon Johnson: What the fuck?

Aziz Ansari: Oh, my knee.

Josh Simpson: Justin Bieber, motherfucker. Look at me.

Aziz Ansari: Justin Bieber shot my knee. Oh, my knee. Justin Bieber shot
Randy in the knee.

Josh Simpson points the gun at everyone in room, one by one.

Josh Simpson: You're not saying nothing!

The shot cuts back to Aziz Ansari sitting a recording studio. The image
is in color again.

Aziz Ansari: Justin Bieber shot me in the knee and stole my song.
There's no question his song “Baby” is a ripoff of my song “Baby, Baby”.

The shot cuts to a split-screen with Justin Bieber's video of “Baby” on
one side and Aziz Ansari preforming “Baby, Baby” on the other. Justin
Bieber's version is highlighted first, then Aziz Ansari's, Justin Biebe
again and then one more time on Aziz Ansari. The song's are virtually
identical. A gunshot is heard and then the shot cuts to a black screen
displaying only the words – THE AFTERMATH. The shot cuts to Aziz Ansari
sitting in a recording studio.

Aziz Ansari: The next day we came to the studio and all our stuff was

The shot cuts to a picture of Justin Bieber.

Aziz Ansari (voiceover): Bieber and his boys came over and destroyed

The shot cuts to a trashed studio.

Aziz Ansari (voiceover): There was graffiti up on the walls and it just
said, Don't Fuck with the Bieb.

The shot pans inside the studio to reveal the graffiti that says Don't
Fuck with the Bieb in red spray paint. There is also a graffiti image of
a penis on the wall.

The shot cuts back to Aziz Ansari sitting in a recording studio.

Aziz Ansari: Not only did he destroy the studio, but Dave had a fish
tank. Bieber straight popped a shit in the tank. Killed the fish and
left a note that said, 'Next time, it'll be you.' He threatened to take a
dump on me.

The shot cuts to a picture of Justin Bieber. Text over the picture reads
below the picture reads – IF YOU SEE HIM CONTACT THE AUTHORITIES
IMMEDIATELY. The text disappears and is replaced by the following text
over the image of Justin Bieber – LISTEN TO THE ORIGINAL SONG, “BABY,
BABY,” AT RANDYMIXTAPE.COM. The video fades to black.
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