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This is a spoof of the trailers that are out for the new Dark Knight movie
Published June 18, 2008 3.3k views More Info ยป
Full Credits
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Directed, Produced and Edited By- Craig Deering
Bruce Wayne/Batman- Joe Korbel
The Joker- Craig Deering
Harvey Dent- Dan Drake
Jim Gordon- Kyle Bridges
Rachel Dawes- Amanda Clayton
Alfred- Allen Murphy
Clown Goons-
Shaun McBean
Mike Guarino
Patrick Clemens
Cody Bridges
Kyle Bridges
Police Officers-
Paolo Satalino
Sandip Patel
Patrick Clemens
Dan Drake
Crime Lords/Press-
Sandip Patel
Shaun Mcbean
Paolo Satalino
Mike Guarino
Joe Korbel
Nathan Garrison
Cody Bridges
Patrick Clemens
Party People-
Lars Heemskerk
Kevin Clemens
Nestor Policarpio
Beth Clayton
Nellie Whittenhall
Amanda Grude
Ashley Nikel
Extra Actors:
Veronica Zikmund
Lino Novielli
Cody Bridges
Patrick Clemens
Nathan Garrison
Joker Costume Created By- Karen Deering
Joker Makeup- Robin Andrews
Special Thanks-
Good Shepard Hospital
Jill Webster
Mr. Webster
Zak Kates
Mr. Kates
Dewayne McNair
Wheaton Police Department for not yelling at us
Batman Fans
Anyone else who helped on this little or small thank you!
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Published: June 18, 2008