Boston is such an incredible city and is in basically every movie that it needed a movie of its own.


June 93 assault, September 93 assault.
I've been looking over this rap sheet of
I just can't believe it.

> I've spoken to the judge.

> Really?

> He's agreed to release you.

> Let's let the healing begin.

> Do you want to be a cop?

> Yes sir.

> You want to serve the common wealth
this is your chance.

> Thank you Sergant.
My only contact in the last six months has
been a police shrink.

> My wife used to fart when she was

> Oh yeah?

> She used to fart in her sleep.

> Look, I just want my identity back, all

> Your family took me in when my father
went away.
You're like a brother to me, but I'm

> That's internal investigation's

> Get.

> Let him go.

> Shut up.

> Take a leave of absence.

> I'd rather hand in my papers first.

> Well, there's plenty of bartenders.

> Good.

> I'm gonna find him; I'm gonna arrest

> [SOUND].
,000 beers, food, merchandise,
total haul, three and a half million.

> It's unbelievable, right?

> Right down the middle.

> Get your fucking ass on the ground.

> Yes.

> Fuckers!

> So good, so good, so good.

> How people get up everyday.
Tell em' something that'll change their
They never do.
I'm gonna change mine.

> I'm putting this whole fuckin' town in
my rearview.

> Stop it.

> Get off you fucking.

> I don't know man, I was banging
seven gram rocks and finishing them
because I'm me.

> Do a lot of shit when you're high,

> For the first time in my life, I'm
leaving this city.