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The Legal Tender crew share curse words from their day, regarding the Economy.
Published July 12, 2010 43 views More Info ยป
Benj: I asked all my dead president friends to tell me some of the swear words and curse words they used to say in their time. Some of these may surprised you. Basically, I told them about the economy and they were more than willing to curse a littel bit. By the way, my favorite curse is: Aw Crapp.

Jacks: Poppycock!

Link: Poodle pucky!

Jacks: Poppycock!

Georgie: Doof Toodles... Bloody Doof Toodles... either will do. I prefer Bloody Doof Toodles.

Jacks: Poppycock!

Ulysses: Son of a Dog Scrubber!

Hammy: Fiddlesticks... Fiddlesticks. Yes. That was it.

Jacks: Poppycock!

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