Green Screen. James Franco teaches YOU how to act with his brother Dave.
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Produced by Judd Apatow, Andrew Epstein, and Cohen/O'Brien Directed by Andrew Jay Cohen Written by Brendan O'Brien & Andrew Jay Cohen Edited by Ryan Case Special Thanks: Jake Szymanski, Vince Jolivette, and Kate Pulley.
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Published: April 21, 2008
The video opens with clip from Spiderman Three in which James Franco is
flying on the Green Goblin Glider and reveals himself to Tobey Maguire.
The clip is freeze-framed and Acting With James Franco appears in
yellow text. The text changes to Chapter Two: Greenscreen Acting. The
Image cuts to James Franco and his brother, Dave Franco, in what
appears to be a living room. Dave is standing on top of a pet carrier.

James Franco: You are on the glider. Behind you is the greenscreen and that means they can put anything they want behind you.

Dave Franco: Yeah.

James Franco: They want to put you a zoo, you’re flying through the zoo.

Dave Franco: Yeah.

James Franco: You’re on the glider.

Dave Franco: Ok.

Dave Franco physically preps himself as though he were actually on the glider.

James Franco: Ok.

Dave Franco: Alright.

James Franco: You see it? You’re flying on the glider.

Dave Franco: Yep.

James Franco
: You’re the Goblin.

Dave Franco: Right.

James Franco: You’re out to get Spiderman.

Dave Franco: Yep.

James Franco
: There he is. You’ve gotta watch out. The web’s coming at your face.

Dave Franco ducks and covers his face as though he were being attacked.

James Franco
: Duck. No the other way. He just kicked you in the face.

Dave Franco
: Ok. Alright.

James Franco: He just kicked you in the face.

Dave Franco: Alright, you’ve gotta tell me which way to go.

James Franco: Well, you’ve gotta know which way to go.

Dave Franco
: Ok.

James Franco
: Now Dr. Octopus is throwing the legs at you.

Dave Franco
: Yeah,

Dave Franco is precariously balanced on the pet carrier.

James Franco: Now…

Dave Franco almost falls off the pet carrier.

James Franco: Whoops. Ok, now there’s a dinosaur. A tyrannosaurus rex.

Dave Franco: Ok.

Dave Franco moves around on the pet carrier in an uncertain way.

James Franco: That’s how you’re going to dodge a Tyrannosaurus rex.

Dave Franco: How am I supposed to dodge a T-Rex?

James Franco
: I would, like, you know, take him out.

Dave Franco gives James Franco a look.

Dave Franco
: Yeah. Legs are hurting.

James Franco: Ok, now. Spiderman is throwing webs at you.

Dave Franco: What? What are you…

James Franco begins throwing things from around the room at Dave
Franco. James Franco throws papers, clothes, and even a partial roll of
duct tape. Dave Franco tries to dodge them.

James Franco: You gotta dodge that

Dave Franco: Don’t…bro

James Franco: You gotta dodge that. Not look at me. You gotta look at the camera.

Dave Franco
: Alright.

James Franco: Anything could happen in green screen.

Dave Franco: Ok.

James Franco: Dinosaurs.

Dave Franco
: Ok.

James Franco: Socks. Bottles.

James Franco throws empty plastic bottles at Dave Franco.

James Franco: Anything could happen. Sometimes the crew gets unruly.

Dave Franco: Ok.

James Franco: You tired?

Dave Franco: Yeah. A little.

Dave Franco is breathing hard.

James Franco: It’s hard isn’t it?

Dave Franco
: Yeah.

James Franco: It’s hard, flying around New York City on that board.

Dave Franco: Yeah.

James Franco: They think it’s fake, but it’s tough.

Dave Franco: Yep.

James Franco: You saw it right here. That’s how it’s done.

Dave Franco
: Can I get down?

James Franco
: Yeah. Don’t break that case. Gotta transport that cats in that.

Dave Franco: Ok.

Dave Franco climbs slowly off the pet carrier as though he is extremely tired.

The video ends with another clip from Spiderman 3. It shows James
Franco flying on the glider and the shot freeze-frames on a close up of
James Franco’s face. The words Acting with James Franco appear in
yellow text.