Game of Thrones has a brand new spin-off! It ain't easy being a single mother of dragons, and this new reality show proves it!
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Starring Brea Grant
Featuring: Johnny Meeks, Meiano Mendoza, Ryan Maharry, Blake Nelson & Joel Spence
Director -Alex Fernie
Writer - Deborah Tarica
Producer - Jason Carden
Production Coordinator - Hans Sahni
DP - Luca Del Puppo
Editor – Caleb Swyers
AC - Ray Lee
Elec/Op - Nilo Zimmermann
Gaffer - Stephen Chang
Production Designer - Jocelyn Borys
Wardrobe - Melissa Gould McNeely
Hair/MU - Ashley Ann Harris
Sound - Shannon Deane for Bo Town Sound
PA - Parker Seamen & Matt Sweeney
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Published: March 27, 2013