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Talent - Patrick Finnerty, Ryan Stanger, Jessie Sherman, JJ Dunlap, Vanessa Wolf, Jon Millstein, Francis Corby, Tia Barr
Featured - Marquis Malloy, Edgar Castillo
Background - Bryan Madole, William Maxwell, Alan McLeod
Director/Writer - Laura Holliday
Producer - Libby de Leon
1st AD - Ross Buran
DP - Matt Sweeney
1st AC - Michael Lincoln
2nd AC - Chris Marius Jones
Key Grip - Chad Carlstone
Gaffer - Zach Zeidman
Swing - Court Soto
Production Designer- Heather Droulliard
Art Assistant - Justine Smith
Sound - Mike Robertson
PA - Jessica Dancer
Editor - Marty Cramer
Graphics - Shawn James


Narrator: These days there are a lot
of different kinds of Republicans.
So, finding that special someone
within the party
can be a real
Hello, I'm Dr. Clark
Neal Warner,
founder of
Unlike most Republican dating
sites that don't draw
the lines between
party values,
at GOPdate we let you choose
the Republican values
that mean the most to you,
while rejecting the ones that don't.
Thanks to GOPdate I finally
found someone to enjoy
my favorite
activities with.
Not until marriage.
Brandy and I met on GOPdate,
and together we're raising
a beautiful joint overseas
bank account.
Oh, don't tip
him honey.
He's already getting
rich on minimum wage.
Narrator: GOPdate,
because we know
that Republican
doesn't mean
anything anymore.
♪ [music] ♪