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Full Credits

Jared: Joshua Sharp
Ivanka: Aaron Jackson
Tiffany: Ryan Haney
Director/ Writer: Langan Kingsley
Editor: Hannah Levy
Executive Producer: Kate Lilly
Producer: Nikil Shyam Sunder
Director of Photography: Michael Rossetti
1st AC/ Swing: Benjamin Rutkowski
Gaffer/ Key Grip: Matt Krueger
Production Designer: Lauren Ivy
HMU: Brenna Haukedahl
Stylist: Alyx cohen
Stylist: Natalie Berwanger
Sound/ Boom Op: Chris Bennett
Truck/Set PA: Drew Taylor
Locations: Robin Edelman


- Okay, so today I'm gonna walk you through
some business basics.
You know, how to invest in properties,
set up separate phone lines.
And how to spend your Daddy's money wisely.
- Oh, yeah,
I don't know Jared,
I think I just kinda
want to go shopping.
- Sure, yes of course, right.
- Tiffany, ready to go?
- Hi Ivanka.
- Oh, darling, hi.
I was just telling your sister
about how you would talk to her about business,
business strategy.
Strategy of business.
- Tiffany, sit up straight.
- Oh, I'm sorry,
is this better?
I love your dress
and you look so pretty
and you're so cool
and you're such a good big sister.
- Women are so important to me,
that's my deepest core value.
And that's why you're my favorite sister.
- No!
- And only sister.
- And that's why you're your Daddy's favorite half-daughter.
- Ah, President Trump?
- I don't know that a half-daughter's a thing.
- And that's why we're gonna need your help
when Jared has to testify.
- Oh my gosh, of course, I would do anything for you.
I love you
and I love your lipstick.
What color is it and where can I get it
or maybe we'll just kiss and then I'll can wear it too.
- It's Givenchy,
and it's discontinued,
but I make them make it for me. (laughing)
- Wow!
- You get me Tiffany
more than anyone on the planet
and that's why after you do such a good job
testifying for Jared,
You and I are gonna have a spa day.
- No!
Oh My God!
- And me.
- No Jared, not you!
- Oh yeah right, yeah sorry.
I would never want to impede on family time, y'know.
But I can have my own maybe
here at the house.
You know just some boys
gabbing, giggling, getting beautiful.
Really feeling ourselves.
I could invite your brothers.
- [Unison] They don't want to come.
- Right.
- Tiffany,
we're going to Bergdorfs.
- Ah, let me just grab my purse.
- Bye, have fun.
That's alright, I have a lot to keep me busy.
You know,
documents to erase.
Things to forget.
Russia, who's she?
It's a country where I have a lot of connections.
(creepy music)
- Tiffany the car,
it's ready, we have to go.
- Oh my God, I'm sorry car.
- Yeah.
- [Tiffany] Car!
- You're in trouble,
just sit on your hands while I'm gone
with an apple in your mouth.
- Yeah, that's good.
Could someone get me an apple.
- Bye!
- Bye, I love you.
- [Ivanka] No!
- I'll call one of my Russian friends.