Corey watches an episode of "Girls" without Ryan. Ryan's not happy.

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April 14, 2016


[Interior Car Noise]
I don't get why you're
this mad about it.
I told you I will
watch it again.
No. That's not the point.
I don't want to sit there,
and have you watch it
again. I'm not like...
I just don't understand why you
would watch an episode of
Girls without me. Like, we have
three shows that we like watching.
I'm sorry. You were not
home, and I was bored.
I honestly, if I would've
known it would be
this big of a deal, I would
not have done it.
Don't give me I wasn't home.
Watch the fuckin' Kardashians.
Watch some dumb show
when I'm not there.
Okay, don't be rude, and call
other shows that I watch dumb--
- That's not being rude.
- I don't call others shows that you watch dumb.
I don't watch anything dumb.
- Yes, you do.
- What have I watched that's dumb?
Well, I think sports are dumb.
That's stupid.
That's stupid.
How do you think
they're dumb?
There's an actual skill set involved
in them being successful.
Ryan, ryan...
You can't think sports are dumb.
How do people think sports are dumb?
Well, I think you can't think the
Kardashian show is dumb.
It is dumb!
That's a talent to make that much
money - millions and millions of dollars.
- That's a talent.
- That's not a talent.
That's a problem in society.
That's not a talent.
Okay, regardless...why are we
attacking each other?
There's no point in you like...
you're not going to make me be on your side.
I told you I am sorry. I honestly
didn't think that you would
notice that I had watched it
already. I didn't realize
that it would show up--
We watch it together.
But I will watch it with you.
It was a good episode.
It was funny.
I'll gladly watch it again.
I don't know why people
think that's the end all, like
"Oh it's fine. I just left you in
the dust, but I'll sit with you."
I don't like people that have
already seen something that
I'm watching either.
I don't like that.
Then watch it by yourself.
It's like a 28 minute episode.
I'm not going to sit and
watch it by myself.
But you obviously care
about it so much.
But you're always home when
I'm home. It's not as though
I'm at home alone at some point.
I'm not going to watch
it at 8 o'clock in the
morning, by myself.
It's not an 8 o'clock in
the morning show.
This is so stupid. Okay, then skip
the episode. Don't watch the episode.
You can't skip the episode.
♪ [Music] ♪