The whole world will be infected. The whole, fabulous world.
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Published June 27, 2013

charlie="Charlie" rose="Rose": This is a CBS News special report I'm Charlie Rose with Norah O'Donnell.
mireille="Mireille" enos="Enos": What are you drawing?
brad="Brad" pitt="Pitt": What is it?
daughter="Daughter": It's a picture of daddy marrying a man.
charlie="Charlie" rose="Rose": ...Defensive Marriage Act.
daughter="Daughter": Daddy, what's a marriage law?
news="News" anchor="Anchor": George Stephanopoulos here in New York. We're breaking right now because the Supreme Court has handed down a decision in the Defensive Marriage Act.
daughter="Daughter": I'm scared.
mireille="Mireille" enos="Enos": How do we know they're married?
brad="Brad" pitt="Pitt": It's legal now.
daughter="Daughter": DADDY!
brad="Brad" pitt="Pitt": Go, go, go!
mireille="Mireille" enos="Enos": Is there something you're not telling us?
male="Male" announcer="Announcer": Heterosexuality as we know it will come to an end in ninety days.
brad="Brad" pitt="Pitt": I can't leave my family.
male="Male" actor="Actor": Family? That doesn't mean anything anymore.
[Music Playing]
brad="Brad" pitt="Pitt": If I had to have sex with a man, where would I start?
older="Older" man="Man": Probably the butt hole.
brad="Brad" pitt="Pitt": I swear to you were were just fishing.
mireille="Mireille" enos="Enos": There was no fishin' trip.
[Music Playing]
male="Male" voice="Voice" over="Over": Coming soon to Echolight dot com.
male="Male" voice="Voice" over="Over": Rick Santorum has a movie company now? No shit.