Hell Hath No Fury… Looks like the end of a long-standing tradition for the group!... more »
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Additional Credits:
Elizabeth Blue, Marcus Bonnée, Shane Breaux, Laura Dillman, Sean Dillon, Elizabeth Kennedy, Rodney Umble, Jamie Ansley, Featuring:
Joseph DiSalle, Gwendolyn Hulet, Stephen Kornstein, Arnold Rodriguez, Lily Shen, Corinna Sherman, Cathy Simpson, Lee Solomon, Leah Vidal, Allison Tartalia, Patricia Comstock.
Written & Directed by Rob Reese
Music by
World War IX;
Allison Tartalia;
Deck of Jack;
Shot on Location at The Parkside Lounge
By Jenn Burland & Jason Evans
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Published: February 07, 2008