A homespun music video for Pat Pepin's tune Living at Walmart. She is really on... more »
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Living at Walmart by Pat Pepin from her CD 'In It For The Long Haul'. Video by MicheleMidnight Prod.
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Cast List:
Pat Pepin
Carol Crandall
Chris Brarens
Caitlyn Brarens
Noelia Villegas
Danielle Villegas
Suzanne Nystrom
Melissa Stanley & Jack (as the dog)
Tim Strout
Daren Beatty as The Date
REAL People in Walmart (With their Permission)
Suesan Swinson
Margaret Smith
Angel & Emma Jo Malott
Honking Horn Sound: http://www.soundsnap.com
Wedding Photo: Christopher Onstott Photography
Special Thanks to John Howard at Howards RV Center in Wilmington NC for allowing us to get some shots at their location. Thank you Christopher Bromley for leading us to that location and contact. Bigger thanks to Walmart Store Manager Dave in Wilmington North Carolina for not tossing us out and only asking us to cease and desist shooting. We hope that Walmart see this as the homage that it is intended to be.
Howards RV Center:
MicheleMidnight (aka Michele Seidman)
BUY PAT PEPIN'S CD NOW!!! It is in the Top 4 that were selected for the finals of the Best Self Produced Blues CD in the 2010 International Blues Challenge run by the Blues Foundation (http:www.blues.org ) in Memphis Tennessee. 'Living at Walmart' is a bonus novelty track on her CD titled 'In It For The Long Haul'. AVAILABLE NOW THROUGH PATS WEB SITE OR FULL DOWNLOAD AT CDBABY.
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Published January 13, 2010