Heidi Montag speaks out about the horrors of having to pay for plastic surgery with a credit card.

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Directed by Jake Szymanski & Ron Howard
Starring: Heidi Montag
Featuring: Spencer Pratt and Andrew Zack
Written by: Seth Morris
Produced by: Mike Farah
Director of Photography: Antonio Scarlata
Production Design: Alexi Gomez, Rachael Ferrara & Katie Byron
Edited by: Justin Donaldson
Production Coordinator: Sean Boyle
Gaffer: Kevin Stewart
Best Boy: Ricky Fosheim
Electrician: David Cronin
Sound Mixer: BoTown Sound
Special Thanks to Rick Rhodes, Elizabeth Warren, Hans Zimmer, James Brooks, Bonnie Abaunza, Andrew Zack, Tiffany Bordenave


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Heidi Montag: Hi, I'm Heidi Montag. If you're a reality TV star, chances are good that you'll one day have plastic surgery.
Heidi Montag: It's also a for sure thing that you'll have to pay for that surgery with credit cards, because you spent all of your 'I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here' money on expensive purses, tiny dogs, and healing bracelets for your husband.
Heidi Montag: With hidden fees and standard interest rate increases, that eleven thousand dollar jawline can end up costing you an upwards of fifty thousand dollars.
Spencer Pratt: Heidi! I've got Elsie calling to beg your forgiveness again.
Heidi Montag: I'm not here.
Heidi Montag: Being in debt for elective surgery is bad enough, but when I think about the thousands of Americans who's only method of paying for food is their credit cards? It's enough to make me cry without moving my new face.
Heidi Montag: That's why I support the creation of a consumer agency to help protect average citizens and reality stars alike.
Heidi Montag: A consumer agency will stop banks and credit card companies from being such sleazy jerks. Call your senator and tell them to hold big Wall Street banks accountable, and to fight for strong consumer protection.
Heidi Montag: Thank you.
Heidi Montag: Uh, am I smiling? You guys? Am I smiling?
Man Off Camera: Uh, sort of.