After being cut by four major league teams in a single day, Will Ferrell hopes his... more »

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We are on our way to the
Diamondbacks, Cincinnati Reds
game. I'm not a big conspiracy theory
guy, but something's
going on. You know?
To get cut by 4 teams,
it's just not...
To not even have a come back
tomorrow, we like what we see,
even just to humor me, it's
just a little weird.
I'm putting blood sweat and
tears out there,
and I'm getting nothing back.
You know, you're right,
I don't want to get to that place,
because I have a tendency in
these moments, to get a little bitchy,
and they don't want to see that Will Ferrell.
They want the nice, happy, affable
guy, not the little bitch.
It's a quarter to 4, I don't
about anyone else here,
but that's usually when I grab
a froyo.