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Noëlle Lara: 1, 2, 3...
Noëlle Lara: This doesn't even hurt your arms does it?
Noëlle Lara: No. It feels like I'm doing that.
Noëlle Lara: Yeah. Oof.
Shake it off, shake it off.
♪ ♪
[Female #1]: A little advice.
Noëlle Lara: What does it mean to be healthy?
It means that you exercise a lot,
you don't have red bumps on your face--
Noëlle Lara: So if you have pimples,
you are not healthy?
That just means you eat a lot of sugar.
Noëlle Lara: Do you eat sugar too?
Yes, but not often.
Noëlle Lara: That's really healthy of you.
I eat a lot of sugar.
Noëlle Lara: I'm addicted to sugar.
I mostly eat broccoli over sugar.
Noëlle Lara: What does it mean to be healthy?
You have to eat like carrots
and vegetables and fruits.
Maybe once a month or once
a week you can eat like 2 or 3 candies.
Noëlle Lara: Are you a healthy eater?
-Not really.
Noëlle Lara: Me neither. I eat junk.
Noëlle Lara: I love junk food.
Sometimes if you have junk
food too much it gets addictive--
-I'm addicted.
--So Noëlle, what you have to do
is you have to go home,
have a couple of carrots, and get addicted to that.
That's the stuff you should get addicted to.
Noëlle Lara: What about exercising?
I do about 2 or 3 miles a day.
Noëlle Lara: What? On what... on your bike?
Walking, running, skipping...
Noëlle Lara: That's more than all of America.
Noëlle Lara: What exercises would you write for me?
Do you have a back yard?
Noëlle Lara: No.
Do you have a pool?
Noëlle Lara: No.
Do you have an animal?
Noëlle Lara: No.
Noëlle Lara: What do you do to stay healthy?
I basically just go run around my school.
Noëlle Lara: Why don't adults play tag and stuff?
Because they think they're too mature for it,
but they know inside their hearts
that they're just as young as us.
Noëlle Lara: What does that mean?
Their spirits are young,
younger than our spirits, but they're taller than us.
Noëlle Lara: I can see that. I can see that.
Noëlle Lara: How can you tell if
someone's healthy or not healthy?
Sometimes I... [inaudible] if
you're healthy or not healthy
that you're mad about yourself,
and you're not healthy,
and if you're happy and just living life,
you're happy about, you know,
what shape you're in and stuff,
that means you're in good health.
-Good health is good mental health.
Noëlle Lara: What types of things should I do to exercise?
I would think you would be good running.
Noëlle Lara: I am.
Noëlle Lara: So I should run.
♪ ♪