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Full Credits

The Pox Show was created by visionary filmmaker and entertainer Lisa Hammer (Triana on The Venture Brothers). The show stars Jon Benjamin (Dr. Katz, Archer, Jon Benjamin Has a Van) as the voice of Satan, Arden Myrin (Mad TV) as his ball-busting wife Lilith, Jonathan Katz (Dr. Katz) as the voice the of lonely demon Asmodeus, Leo Allen (SNL, Jon Benjamin Has a Van) as Abraham Lincoln; Eve Plumb (The Brady Bunch) as Nurse Dremel; Lisa Ferber (Each Time I Kill) as
Helen Digby Masterford Hughes; Levi Wilson (Twylight Zones) as Mantus; and of course, Pox (the Anti-Christ himself).
Title animation by Brian Ionano and !ROBOT HAND!