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Full Credits

Written, Directed & Animated by Ben Shalom.
Produced by Ben Shalom, Joe Tamas & Sam Yousefian.
Executive Produced by Gidon Shalom.
Starring David H. Lawrence the XVII, Alexandra Fulton, Derek Loughran, Gary Rubenstein, Rob Gaughan, Brent Strickland, Jessica Barbery, Corey Richardson, Andrew Rosenblatt, Otto Heszky & Jive Benny.
Associate Produced by Nym Shalom, Mark Robertson and Otto Heszky.
Director of Photography - Nicola Marsh.
Octo Scene Photography - Justin Rettke.
Additional Graphics & Animation by Ryan Lovelace.
Original Score Composed & Conducted by Cody Westheimer & Julia Newmann.
Sound Design & Score Engineered by Tony Papa.
Final Mix and Mastering by Jonathan Jiskra.
Music Supervised by David Stern.