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Full Credits

Starring - Alice Cooper, Joe Perry, Shep Gordon and Thomas Barbusca
Written by Jake Fogelnest and Alex Scordelis
Directed by Jake Fogelnest
Director of Photography - Aaron Ulrich
Camera Operator - Nate Cornett
Gaffer - Ricky Foshiem
Hair and Make Up Artist - Brenna Haukedahl
Sound - BoTown Sound
Editor - Chris Poole and Adriana Robles
Producer - Sean Boyle
Special Thanks - Doug Barasch, Keren Poznansky and Therapy Studios

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September 29, 2015


( music plays )
( interposing voices )
Shep Gordon: Hi guys,
I got Tommy, the new A and R guy.
Thomas Barbusca: Hey, good
to meet you.
Thank you so much for making some
time for me today.
Alice Cooper: He works
for the label?
I just came over from Live Nation.
I just closed up
a big 360 deal with Bruno Mars.
Yeah, so we're going to play ( inaudible ) band,
we're going to talk their
original Hollywood vampires.
Well Sure.
Tommy: Yeah, I heard the
It's a little soft.
It's soft?
I mean, what the fuck Alice.
You were the hardest drinking,
hardest rocking, take no prisoner
mother fuckers to
ever drag their leather pants
asses up and down the Sunset Strip,
and the record is soft.
Hey, you can't talk to me that way.
Oh, you can't talk to me that way?
You can't talk to me that way.
Welcome to your nightmare Alice.
Where is the spirit of the
original Vampires?
Did you leave it at Shep's house
in Maui, because
I don't hear it on the fucking
When Nilsson was recording
Pussy Cats with Lennon
he was screaming so loud,
he left blood on the microphone.
You know what I hear on
your microphone Alice?
Little babies making toilet
in their diaper.
Who produced this shit anyways?
- Bob Ezrin.
- Ooh, Bob Ezrin.
That's interesting you know.
You would think after
doing KISS Destroyer, and
Pink Floyd the fucking
Wall he would've learned to
turn down the mids in the mix.
Joe Perry: What makes you
so qualified to talk about the mix?
Listen, I don't know how
they do things in Beantown Joe,
but this is Hollywood bitch.
Hey Tommy, you can't talk
to the guys like this.
I'm sorry. You are world class
Go make me a snack!
Okay so, how do you suggest
we fix the record?
Yeah, here's what we're going to do.
We're hitting the Strip tonight,
we're going to shove
some tampons up our noses,
and then we're going to
heckle the Smothers Brothers
at the Troubadour.
Smothers Brothers probably aren't
playing the Troubadour tonight.
We'll go to the Rainbow.
We'll pick up Lenny, and
we'll throw a car battery
off the roof of the Riot House,
and then we're going to
Sunset Sound, and we're
going to lay down some
fresh tracks.
Hey kid, come here a second.
What? Can't hear me?
Hey, you look good kid.
Yellowtail anybody?